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Dec 10

A Short Story From Bestselling Author Bruce Bennett

The following is a short story from the pen of Bruce Bennett. Bruce is one of the foremost American writers of the moment. He has released two novels– both bestsellers–entitled “Digital Air” and “Wisemen.” If you enjoy this great short, don’t forget to pick up the novels! “Dr. Focarazzo, don’t you think you are taking …

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Aug 27

Selling Your Way To The Top: Self-Publishing

My name is Nick Wale and I happen to have created 8 number one bestselling books over the past couple of months.  The nature of the book world today is simple. Overpopulation. That’s not to say that the overpopulated book world isn’t populated with quality– it is in many cases. I just mean to say …

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Jul 12

Brainography? Tom Ufert Investigates J.W. Northrup’s Brain

J.W. Northrup asked me the other day, “Can you get me an interview with Tom Ufert?” “J.W., I’m not sure we can fit that interview into your schedule.” “Get me an interview with Tom Ufert,” J.W. reasserted. “I want to meet him.” It was a done deal. Tom Ufert, author, disabled wonder and all around …

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Jul 07

A Hypo In The Bum: Author Robert J. Watson Lets It Out

Sometimes as an interviewer you have to follow your gut. The “gut” is the number one source of advice you could ever hope for. You can hear it churning away if you listen carefully. It will tell you what will work. It will tell you what won’t work. It will let you in on secrets, …

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Jun 28

Promoting? Horror? Writing? Ask Alex Laybourne!

What is Horror? Let’s forget about the dictionary definition here. I will ask you again. What is Horror? What makes us scared? What scares you the most? What is your personal horror? Let me ask you this– what would you be most terrified of? It’s a dark nightand you are walking home from work. The …

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Jun 26

Reblogged! Alex Laybourne Interviews Christopher D. Abbott

  (An interview direct from interviewer Alex Laybourne.) Christopher D. Abbott has a background in human behavioral studies. He has gained a good understanding about people and their behaviors, and this has led to his interest in psychology. An avid reader of crime fiction, Christopher’s ambition has always been to publish a character driven crime …

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Jun 19

A Letter From Tom Ufert…

Dear Friends, Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tom Ufert. I am a 47 year old physically challenged American author surviving nearly twenty-one years with three disabilitiy–Multiple Sclerosis, an incomplete spinal fracture (C5/C6), and HIV. As the author of Adversity Builds Character, I’ve sought to inspire others and demonstrate the awesome strength of …

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Feb 18

Nick Wale Interviews Author Stuart A. Barton About His ‘Hunger’ to Create…

Stuart A. Barton is a writer and, like all writers, he has a story to tell. Life didn’t start for him until 36. By his own admittance, he spent much of his life up until that point “wandering around life aimless and drunk.” Then it happened– as it happens to all of us. He found …

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Jan 26

“The Burning Bush Is Your Friend!” Author David Alvin says Howdy!

David Alvin is a forward thinking guy. He’s a risk taker with the faith to know all will be good. David is also author of many books, most notably, “The Burning Bush is Your Friend” and also happens to be a guy I can now call my own friend. We have spoken on many subjects– …

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Jan 09

Playwright Jerry Rabushka Spills the Beans About His New Book

Jerry Rabushka is another of those guys I came across quite by accident. I was looking for new people to interview, as always. I saw a posting from him about his new book Star Bryan. What did I do next? I messaged him, of course, and asked him over to “Novel Ideas” for an interview …

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