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Mar 03

8 Million Page Hanlon: The Quick-Writing Western Pen of Bestseller Robert Hanlon

Robert Hanlon– that’s a name many Western readers are familiar with. Why? Because he’s one of the biggest names in the Western book business. His first novel “Texas Bounty Hunter” was number one for weeks– since then he’s tied up the charts with a number of big hits… and… he has a new one. “Pecos …

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Aug 30

Fightin’ To Be A Western Bestseller With “Massacre” Master Lon Safko

Since the release of his first Western, “Massacre,” the world has been hearing a lot about Lon Safko. With that first book now available as an audiobook, and his second book on the market, I decided to sit down and find out the motivation behind the success of Lon Safko. What makes him such an …

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Aug 15

You Don’t Need A Gun To Write Like Western Bestseller Cliff Roberts

Cliff Roberts has sold a huge pile of books, and in all of his books there are gunfights. But you don’t need a gun to join Cliff Roberts’ gang. You just need to enjoy great stories. This interview is all about the stories and how they are written. You will find that part interesting. But …

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Jul 06

America’s Newest Hitmaker: An Interview With Western Star A.H. Holt

Anne Haw Holt, or A.H.Holt, is from Richmond, VA – attended PVCC in Charlottesville, Mary Baldwin in Staunton, FSU in Tallahassee, FL – Ph.D. in History. Writes family stories set in the American west. Published FROM WRITER TO AUTHOR on Kindle in January. This work helps writers polish their manuscripts to publish on Kindle or …

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May 20

Around The Campfire with Western Writing Raider W.M. Montague

W.M. Montague is an enigma when it comes to the writing business. His original release was a seafaring tale of adventure, plunder and good deeds. It was called “Mr Bonner and the Amazing Adventures of Poseidon’s Charge.” After that success, he decided to turn his hand to writing the Westerns he so loved. Now he …

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May 10

“Does Anyone Really Believe They Can Trust This Government?” Ask Author Cliff Roberts.

This interview is with bestselling author Cliff Roberts. His political thriller series “Reprisal” has been a constant seller with all three books in the series hitting the ‘#1 spot in their respective charts. This interview is all about the conception of the books, and how the political scene of today caused him to write the …

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Jul 14

FLYING SAUCER: An Aviation Story From Pilot & Author Steve Taylor

As we leveled at 33,000 feet, I noticed a bright light in front of the airplane. I discussed it with air traffic controllers, and we determined that it was a large weather balloon 50 miles away at an altitude of more than 10 miles. The sun had set about an hour earlier, so at our …

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Jul 09

A Moment with Author Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan has written several books about his life. This interview is short, but sweet, and should give you an idea about the way Mike writes. He does not take writing lightly– like his flying– he has worked hard to put his books together and all of them are interesting. You can find his books …

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Sep 25

QuickFIRE with Western Author Rick Jantz

The Rules of Gunfighting 1. Bring a gun, preferably two. 2. Anybody worth one bullet is worth two. 3. Only hits count. 4. If your shooting stance is good you’re probably not moving fast enough or using cover correctly. 5. Keep shooting until the threat is eliminated. 6. If you can choose what to bring, …

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Jul 27

The Truth About Vietnam

Covert The Not Known is the story of men at war; it is about the things men do in war and the things war does to them. Restless, filled with dreams of adventure, seeking more of life than a suburban existence, Jerry Nedwick set out to prove himself as countless generations have done: by going …

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