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May 13

An Author For All Seasons: An Interview with Dennis Gager

  You know the younger generation loves Westerns, too. Take a guy like Denny Gager who writes Westerns for a modern audience. His “Storm to the Past” has been a huge success for the company—and since then, he’s released two more books. You can’t normally tie down a guy with such publishing energy for an …

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Aug 27

Selling Your Way To The Top: Self-Publishing

My name is Nick Wale and I happen to have created 8 number one bestselling books over the past couple of months.  The nature of the book world today is simple. Overpopulation. That’s not to say that the overpopulated book world isn’t populated with quality– it is in many cases. I just mean to say …

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Apr 19

The Young Brit: J.W Northrup Interviews Nick Wale

A few weeks ago I was asked by a friendly bestseller J.W. Northrup to sit for an interview. I’m not averse to that at all. He caught me during a break from my usual schedule of interviews and posed some questions to me. I thought that was it… but, oh NO! The next day he …

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Mar 28

EXCLUSIVE #3 Lloyd Tackitt’s Palms Sweat as Release Date Draws Near!

 Lloyd Tackitt is a man you can’t just pin down. His many obligations mean that you grab interview time when you can. Luckily, this guy doesn’t give up and I managed to get Novel Ideas another exclusive interview with a writer who will soon release his brand new bestseller. What is it about Tackitt that …

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Mar 21

FREE BOOK!! What We Want Most for Our Kids – But Unsure How to Provide It!

My name is Patrick McMillan. As a parenting coach, I’ve asked hundreds of parents,“What do you want most for your children?” I would be hard pressed to recall even one mom or dad that did not respond with the word happiness. I asked this question to myself fifteen years ago after our first son was …

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Mar 02

Author Greg Eddolls Talks Apocalypse with Nick Wale

Greg Eddolls is a husband, a father, an internet marketing expert, a Christian, and now he has become an author. His first book The Glorious Battle: Road Map To Armageddon took many years to write, but now he finally has it out there for all to read. The book itself concerns the “end of days”– the …

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Feb 12

When Tragedy Strikes: Jeff Bishop Strives to Help His Cousin Britanny…

Jeff Bishop is an author. He has written an excellent book called A Cold Coming detailing a very tragic experience– a family secret now pieced together for all to understand. He is also a man on a mission. The book hasn’t been written for his own personal profit. Jeff now sells his book to help …

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Feb 03

An Interview With Joel Seath: Author and Creator of Beauty…

Joel Seath is an author who writes to find the beautiful things in the world and to explore the characters that make life wonderful and sad. I met Joel on my travels and immediately cottoned onto his love for all things literary. We set up and interview and he answered my questions with ease. I …

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Jan 18

Stuart Yates is Back! Nick Wale Heralds the Return of Stuart Yates

This will be my third interview with Stuart Yates–a writer’s writer and a man who seems to have endless ideas for books. I was impressed with our last interview. Stuart is a writer and he writes almost every day. It matters not if he has sales, and over our conversations I have realised how wonderful …

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Jan 14

Don Keith– Putting His Own Spin on the World of Publishing

What can I say about Don Keith that hasn’t already been said a million times? Best-selling author, blogger, radio disc jockey, happy guy who just loves his work. I had been looking forward to this one for a long time. I met him through my travels and I knew he would make a great interview …

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