Monthly Archive: July 2016

Jul 28

The Gunfighter and The Writer: An Interview with Western Bestseller B.W. Hedgepeth

For most of us the legends of the Old West are just characters in stories. For B.W. Hedgepeth they are a reality. B.W. is a living descendant of Western folk legend Marion Hedgepeth. “The Debonair Bandit,” his new book, tells the story of Marion Hedgepeth as it’s never been told before. This is one Western …

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Jul 27

“Wild One” Rydell Pens a Whole Lotta Memoir: A Note for All Lovers of Music Looking for Books to Read

As an avid record buyer, it was pretty exciting for me to get hold of a copy of the new Bobby Rydell memoir, “Teen Idol on the Rocks,” which has to be, with little doubt, one of the better music memoirs I’ve read in some time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rydell– …

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Jul 25

Bass Reeves, Western Myths and Western Bestseller Kenneth S. Pratt

Kenneth S. Pratt has the great fortune to be a man with a series of hit Westerns under his belt. His first book “Willow Falls” is one of the bestselling Western adventures of the year so far. His second book “Sweethome” is almost matching that success. What makes a writer like Kenneth S. Pratt so …

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Jul 20

Hitting The Mark: What Might Be Holding You Back From Being A Bestseller

One of the great book success stories of the year has to be that of A.H. Holt, who went from selling a handful of books per month to becoming one of the bestselling Western authors of the year—so far. Her book, “Ten In Texas,” caught the imagination of Western fans, but her journey was not …

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Jul 20

High Moon: at Hacienda del Diablo Is The New Western From Airwolf’s Alex Cord

From movie star to TV star to award-winning author, Alex Cord has done it all. His new book has taken him back to his roots– the Western. When Alex was asked to write a Western, it didn’t dawn on him how popular this decision would turn out to be. Western readers are still a force …

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Jul 18

Bestselling Author M.L. Newman Reveals What It Takes To Write Hit Novels

M. L. Newman is an independent writer who lives in rural Connecticut with her wonderful husband. She is a member of the RWA. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Marist College. She is active in community theatre and has played characters ranging from Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music to …

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Jul 12

No Book Sales? Have You Discovered The Three C’s?

I was talking to a very talented client of mine today who has a book coming out very soon. We were talking about the frustrations of preparing a book for release—and we discussed the two C’s I’ve been telling people about for a long, long time. But she added a third C to that message. …

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Jul 07

Poor Book Sales? What You Need Is A Change of Habit!

As a book promoter, I’m often asked the same questions over and over again. The usual question is: “Why do authors like Cliff Roberts and G.P. Hutchinson sell so many books?” The second question is usually: “What would it take to make me a success story?” While it is true that Cliff Roberts and G.P. …

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Jul 06

America’s Newest Hitmaker: An Interview With Western Star A.H. Holt

Anne Haw Holt, or A.H.Holt, is from Richmond, VA – attended PVCC in Charlottesville, Mary Baldwin in Staunton, FSU in Tallahassee, FL – Ph.D. in History. Writes family stories set in the American west. Published FROM WRITER TO AUTHOR on Kindle in January. This work helps writers polish their manuscripts to publish on Kindle or …

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