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Mar 10

Author William Gabienu Cracks Open to Nick Wale

My second interview with William Gabienu took on a serious tone. I wanted to know more about the philosophy of a man with so much to say. William is obviously in love with his faith and I wanted to know why. I think it all comes down to a mindset. The faith he has in …

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Mar 01

Ghost on a Canvas: Nick Wale Interviews Author William Gabienu

William Gabienu believes in God. He believes that we all need to get back into a way of life that includes God. The ultimate form of self help comes from believing in our creator. I asked William to come and chat to me about his new book. Now, you may ask why I called this …

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Feb 11

Kind of Like Jesus: Paul W. Meier Reflects on Faith Today…

Paul W. Meier is a guy I recently started to get to know well. We had our last interview scheduled for today and I wanted this one to really show the faith and beliefs of a man I have immense respect for. I wanted to know what he really thought about the religion he ¬†writes …

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Feb 02

Save A Prayer: Author Paul W. Meier Chats To Nick Wale

Paul W. Meier sat down with me for a second interview. (Please see the first interview here.) This one was as fascinating as the first– we really wanted to expand our conversation and I really want you to know how great this guy is. I discovered that not only was he an excellent writer, he …

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Jan 26

“The Burning Bush Is Your Friend!” Author David Alvin says Howdy!

David Alvin is a forward thinking guy. He’s a risk taker with the faith to know all will be good. David is also author of many books, most notably, “The Burning Bush is Your Friend” and also happens to be a guy I can now call my own friend. We have spoken on many subjects– …

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