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Jul 12

Brainography? Tom Ufert Investigates J.W. Northrup’s Brain

J.W. Northrup asked me the other day, “Can you get me an interview with Tom Ufert?” “J.W., I’m not sure we can fit that interview into your schedule.” “Get me an interview with Tom Ufert,” J.W. reasserted. “I want to meet him.” It was a done deal. Tom Ufert, author, disabled wonder and all around …

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Jul 03

J.W. Reaches Out To The World

J.W. Northrup Contact: Nick Wale Email: Nick@nickwale.org J.W. NORTHRUP REACHES OUT TO MEDIA OUTLETS ACROSS THE WORLD. J.W. Northrup announced today that he has finally decided to interview with  blogs, newspapers and give lectures on writing. It was also announced that work on his second book has almost been completed. J.W. was quoted as saying, …

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Jun 30

What Makes J.W. Run?

J.W. Northrup has been away from us lately. He has been writing a second book, a huge project for a writer already busy with numerous undertakings. I want to ask you, what makes such a busy writer ask for more and more responsibility? J.W. has already toured all over the Internet. He has sold numerous …

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Jun 20

A Live Interview With J.W. Northrup!

Exciting news, Folks! A new interview with J.W. Northrup hit Youtube yesterday, and it really is a stormer. J.W. and I discuss a list of questions as long as the arm of a giant. You really need to click the play button and watch this one. J.W. talks about the writing process, the all-important business …

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Jun 17


Dr I Ratburn Contact: Nick Wale Email: Nick@nickwale.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOCTOR IVAN RATBURN IS SET TO PUBLISH HIS WORLD-CHANGING BRAINOGRAPHY MANUAL It was announced yesterday that Dr Ivan Ratburn will be releasing his much anticipated, tongue-in-cheek manual regarding the state of modern mental health. The manual will focus on over prescribed medications and the …

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Jun 13

Brainwashing? J.W. Northrup And Terry Irving Showdown

  J.W. Northrup and Terry Irving are writers. They feed on the food of writers. The words they can create, compound and put together take them to new places. I wanted to interview these two writers about J.W’s bestselling book “The Gold Slaves”. The Gold Slaves are enslaved humans who have been trapped underground with …

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Jun 05

Northrup VS Keys: The Showdown!

Like the great American buffalo, the Chris Keys’ brand of writing is diminishing. Times were when writers would spend months, years even, hunched over the typewriter turning out a manuscript that would be as close to perfection as the human eye could make it. But now, more often than not, the scene is that more …

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May 22

FREE…. FREE…. FREE…. Northrup FREE!

“J.W… You can’t give away another book….” “I sure can,” J.W. replied. He did, and it’s a stomper! For the next few days “Running a Marathon with the Runs” by J.W. Northrup is TOTALLY FREE!!!   Synopsis The first signs of the diarrhea began at the six mile mark. It is feeling every marathoner dreads. …

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May 12

The Great E-Book Mystery….

I have a question for you… It’s not a political question. I am not asking you for money. I am not asking you to share your home with me. This isn’t a fashion question– I’m not asking if legwarmers are still acceptable. I just want to know… When will The Gold Slaves be available as …

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May 11

Double Trouble! Carol Bond Meets J.W. Northrup…

Double interviews are always fun! Take my two guests for today– Carol Bond and J.W. Northrup– both are extremely successful and both have huge followings. Carol (writing as Ellen Mae Franklin) has written a winner called The Unseen Promise and J.W. wrote the winner we all know as The Gold Slaves. Now, both of these …

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