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Novel Ideas offers a number of  options designed to give authors the support they need to get noticed in a market currently filled to the brim with the great (and not so great) literary efforts of thousands. 

As a writer, you need to be proactive, whether you are published by a publishing house or if you have chosen to self-publish. You need to make the most of the biggest market in the world– the Internet.

How Promotion Works:

I provide monthly promotion for a set fee, decided between the author and myself. I believe in consistent promotion, rather than the use of “packages.” I have authors who work on a $100 per month basis through to clients who spend $2,500 per month on promotion. The way you promote should be determined by what you can afford to do consistently to push your books. What is done to promote your book should not be just a tick list of things from a package. What good are three interviews when you really need new keywords? What good is doing a free book giveaway if you have no ads? Book promotion is not just a “set” thing. It should be a growing concern, and action should be taken as needed. This has worked best for my clients in the past. I promote responsible book promotion at a level that is comfortable to you. If you would like to discuss promoting your book, you can get in touch with me by dropping me an email at Always happy to discuss how your book is being promoted.

Single Services You May Need:

  • Proofreading: Novel Ideas uses an excellent proofreader for our articles. We would be happy to gain their services for you. If you need an accurate, approachable and skilled proofreader, then let us know! We can help! Please contact us for more information and a quote.
  • Single Professional Interview – $37: An interview is the perfect way to get yourself known to an audience. It is a budget-friendly way of gaining new fans and followers. Interviews are undertaken by the highly acclaimed interviewer, Nick Wale, and are professionally edited to give you the perfect, professional look YOU need to get noticed in the sea of books currently on sale. Many of our clients are first time authors, and we gently ease them into the chair for an interview. Veteran writers need not worry either as we are experienced and can diversify to get you that all-important new audience. Interviews are placed in front of our Twitter audience, Facebook page, relevant Facebook groups and our own blog followers. An interview is an international selling tool and we specialise in using our promotional skills to make your name known and help to make your book a success! [wp_cart:Single Professional Interview:price:37.00:end] [show_wp_shopping_cart]
  • Series of 3 Interviews – $99: This is one of the biggest steps you can make towards winning an audience. Over three interviews, readers can grow to know you as a writer. Don’t be nervous! Professional interviews are not scaryand you can take as much time as you need to answer questions. We will then market interviews to our audience every two weeks. Each interview will have two weeks’ exposure for maximum marketing! Interviews are placed on all the social media hotspots such as Stumbleupon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest and throughout our vast Facebook group audience– resulting in an audience of many thousands of people! Successive interviews will be linked to past interviews for audiences to catch the full series. This is the perfect way to build an audience over the release of a book– a pre-release interview, a release interview and a post-release interview. It is also a great way for writers to sell themselves to readers, beyond just the scope of their current book. Readers want to know more about their favourite authors– are you willing to become one of their favourites? [wp_cart:Series of three professional interviews:price:99.00:end] [show_wp_shopping_cart]
  • Joint Interview – $50: Novel Ideas can arrange joint interviews that will help you build a cross-over audience for your book. We pride ourselves on the ability to make all joint interviews pleasant and uplifiting experiences. You do not need to be worried about working with another writer at all. [wp_cart:Joint Interview:price:50.00:end][show_wp_shopping_cart]


So you see, we can make it easy for you. Drop Novel Ideas a line and let us help you take your book to the next stage!


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  1. Nick Wale is well worth the cost. He does excellent PR and never stops–I’m not completely sure he ever sleeps.

  2. Nick Wale I had an awesome time with in my first interview! He’s a most engaging interviewer and one feels as though he’s more … well, more a friend than simply an information gatherer. And you may be right, he never seems to sleep entirely …

  3. Thanks guys! I just try to do my best. It really feels great to read how much you enjoyed my services.

  4. I enjoyed Nick’s interview of me. He made it easy and it was on my time schedule, which helped a great deal. I liked his questions. They looked inside me. A lot of interviewers have asked me silly questions that have nothing to do with writing. Nick is serious about what he does. Since the interview, we have developed a business relationship–sharing ideas and experiences. I don’t get to talk with many young men in their 20′s who really listen and want to pick my brain and even more enjoyable, let’s me know how it worked out for him. He’s a man with a vision that is Internet savvy. He doesn’t let his age work against him. He is working hard at developing his own experience and building his future as a gifted entrepreneur. .

  5. In the future, the sort of services provided here will become more and more desirable and even necessary. If anyone thinks you can get professional quality editing, proofreading, promotional advise and yes even reviews and interviews without putting out some money, you are sadly mistaken. Nick does great interviews for a very reasonable price. And all the other services are very affordable as well.

  6. I’m very pleased by my experience with Nick. His interviewing style is simple: a line of questioning that invites you to shine. Reading his interviews with other authors (and speaking as a reader), he asks questions that I want to see the answers to.

    Nick’s work is professional, and perhaps nearly as important in the writing world where the lack is legendary, prompt and delivered on the schedule he promises.

    In short, I’m looking forward to working with Nick again in the future.

  7. A good interview with someone of Nick Wale’s calibre is not only fun, but broadens your audience base. Well worth the time and effort I believe.

    Nick is professional, articulate and writes up one hell of an interview, and proves that sometimes you can get better than value for money.

  8. Nick is awesome at what he does for authors. I have gotten to know Nick better through the entire process of doing the interview and talking in between. Nick is very accessible over Facebook to answer your questions about the interview process and what he does with the interview once he is done.

    The value that Nick offers for his services is a super great deal. You probably won’t find any better deal on promotion of your book. I have also noticed that Nick’s website is progressively developing into a major platform for promotion of interesting content. Nick is forward thinking and working hard to make sure that the authors he interviews get maximum exposure. He more than earns every bit of money you spend on his services.

    Thanks a ton Nick for helping me get the word out about my book! I pray you have amazing and consistent success!

  9. Everyone else said it. What can I say, except that it’s all TRUE. If you want to move to the next level and then some, you can’t go wrong having Nick work for you. Awesome!