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Apr 30

The Verdict: The Legal Eagles Meet!

This isn’t Perry Mason, folks! I have gathered together two of the finest legal minds of their time for a conversation. I wanted to ask the questions that nobody dares ask a lawyer. Things like… Do you feel a sense of power? What does it feel like to be in the top leagues of one …

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Apr 29

The Desert Writer: Mark Biskeborn Uncloaked

Mark Biskeborn is a writer I have reviewed before. I have never interviewed him, and I thought it was about time I got him here on my site for some questioning. It was on my mind for a few days, what would I ask a guy who had written some terrific books? Mark is known …

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Apr 27

Nick Wale Asks Tommy Clark: Are You Ready For The Big Time?

Thomas Andrew Clark is a young writer who achieves very easily. He wanted to write a book and so he sat down. The ideas flowed, and suddenly he found himself the owner of a very commercial manuscript, written with his writing partner. Rogue’s Phoenix Chronicles Book 1: Thieves and Kings became a book and the …

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Apr 26

Just Some Old Men: Summit Meeting with Mike Trahan and Mike Walsh

This interview was a labour (or ‘labor’ for American readers) of love. I always wanted to get these two veterans in a double interview. An interview that would allow me to put their respective Q and A sessions under the microscope. What makes a good interview? Well, questions! Before we get into it, let me …

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Apr 24

The Name Is Bond… Carol Bond!

Carol Bond (who writes under the pseudonym Ellen Mae Franklin) is considered to be the fairy godmother of writers. She runs a very popular blog with a sole purpose of interviewing the best writers around. Now, some may say she is a rival, but I don’t see it that way. We both have our own …

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Apr 22

Writers Block? What Is That? Buck Stienke Profiled

  Buck Stienke is a writer you seldom see interviewed alone. I know Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer as a team, but I interviewed them separately to profile them as individuals. Together they have written a series of bestsellers without using the techniques long associated with selling books in the modern age. They do not …

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Apr 21

“Go Big or Go Home” Says J.W.

Yesterday, I took part in a webinar that included author J.W. Northrup. It has been a rollercoaster month for J.W. as his book The Gold Slaves geared up for release. The Gold Slaves is now available through Amazon and his publisher’s website. So what does J.W. feel about the world of the published author? We …

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Apr 19

The Young Brit: J.W Northrup Interviews Nick Wale

A few weeks ago I was asked by a friendly bestseller J.W. Northrup to sit for an interview. I’m not averse to that at all. He caught me during a break from my usual schedule of interviews and posed some questions to me. I thought that was it… but, oh NO! The next day he …

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Apr 17

Cowboy Acting, Writing and Timber Creeks: Ken Farmer Profiled

As an actor you are creating with every living breath. Ken Farmer is a guy who has been creating characters and breathing life into the written word for many years. What happens when an actor becomes a writer? Well, sometimes guys like Dirk Bogarde make it. Sometimes they don’t. Ken Farmer made it, and he …

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Apr 15

Mark Willerton Explains What Happened To Kathy Kirby

I woke up a week ago and found an email from a man called Mark Willerton. Now, as a guy who makes a living from interviewing and promoting authors, I wasn’t surprised at all to wake up to work. It happens all the time. I opened the email over breakfast and downed my first coffee …

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