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Sep 29

REBLOGGED The Wild Bunch cont: Casting Call Part 2

A Wilder Bunch?? Casting Call Part 2 / Dutch Engstrom / Ernest Borgnine The Wild Bunch 1973 Wikipedia says: “Among those considered to play Dutch Engstrom wereCharles Bronson, Jim Brown, Alex Cord, Robert Culp, Sammy Davis, Jr., Richard Jaeckel, Steve McQueen, and George Peppard. Ernest Borgnine was cast based on his performance in The Dirty Dozen (1967). Who would you …

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Sep 29

The Exciting Western Writing World of P.W. Burroughs

This interview is going to be interesting. Why? Because we are going to meet a guy who narrates books… and writes Westerns… How about that for a combination? It’s been done before– but nobody can deny that it takes a suitcase filled with talent to pull together than combination. This P.W. Burroughs… and you may …

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Sep 26

King of the Wild West Frontier: An Interview with Western Super-Seller Bruce G. Bennett

Bruce. G. Bennett is one of the most successful Western authors of 2016, so far. His Westerns have been racing up the bestseller charts. I want you to use your imagination for a few moments. Imagine for a few minutes that you are back in the Old West. A stagecoach has arrived in town, and you …

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Sep 23

Flashback Friday: An Interview with Western Super-Bestseller G.P. Hutchinson

Have you been looking for a new Western series to cherish? How about checking out one of the most successful Western authors of today… G.P. Hutchinson. Success, if you can get it, is something to be cherished. G.P. Hutchinson has been at the top of the Western tree for some time now. His first book, …

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Sep 14

Why Being Positive Could Be The Biggest Book Promotional Breakthrough Money Could Never Buy

As humans we find ourselves being negative more often than being positive. As a writer, it’s easier to be negative about the reception your books have garnered than to find the good. In my everyday job as a promoter of books, I have found that, at times, you are working against a wall of negativity—a …

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Sep 13

D.G. Wyatt Rides Into The Sunset With His Latest Western Hit

You know the younger generation loves Westerns, too. Take a guy like D.G. Wyatt who writes Westerns for a modern audience. His “Redemption Ride” has just been released— and his next one is already on the way. You can’t normally tie down a guy with such publishing energy for an interview—but we’ve managed it! Welcome D.G. Wyatt, star …

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Sep 12

The “Real Outlaws” Head Out On Tour: John D. Fie, Jr, Alex Cord and Cliff Roberts Together For The First Time!

This interview is an interesting one. It’s not just a single author—it’s a threesome of the biggest authors in the Western writing business. This is an occasion—and one that won’t happen too often. For the first time, we have gathered Cliff Roberts, John. D. Fie and Alex Cord together for a series of interviews.   …

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Sep 09

“Murder? Maybe…” With Hollywood Actor, Producer and Author Troy Andrews-Smith

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a titan of the entertainment industry? I sure have. This interview is with Troy Andrews-Smith. A man who has acted, written songs, written books, produced motion pictures and lived among the Hollywood elite. He has been entertaining himself lately with a new kick. That kick is… …

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Sep 08

“There Will Be Cake” At Each Destination of the New Sheila McPhee Book Tour! Are You Going To Attend?


Sep 07

The Black-Eyed Kids Phenomenon… Urban Myth? Something More Sinister? An Interview With Paranormal Investigator G. Michael Vasey

The Black Eyed Kids – Urban myth or something more sinister? It’s not just kids with Black Eyes either but increasingly, Black Eyed People and more bizarrely – White Eyed People too….  G. Michael Vasey, a supernatural expert, carefully investigated this phenomenon using real-life encounters with these scary beings. The result is a truly unsettling …

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