Monthly Archive: July 2019

Jul 19

Why The World Needed A Western Fiction TV Series In Book Form From Jim Burnett Each Week…

  There’s always a need for innovation in the book business, and the Western genre is no exception. So far this year, we have seen a new wave of authors taking risks and making a name for themselves in our industry. Names like William H. Joiner, Jr., Gary Hinson, C. Emerson Law, have scored hits—and …

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Jul 18

Available Now: “Stagecoach Willy: Wounded, Hunted And Alone: A Classic Western Adventure” From Scott Harris!

Stagecoach Willy and Ten are known respectively as the best stagecoach driver and shotgun messenger in the West, but they’re struggling to retire and enjoy life from somewhere other than a stagecoach front bench. So, when longtime friend—and more than that to Ten—gets word to them that they’re the only two men in the world …

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Jul 15

Western Number One: “Branson Hawk – United States Marshal: The Wichita Connection” From Randall Dale

  It’s great to see Randall Dale standing at number one in THREE categories. This hot new Western is the first in a brand new series. The second book in the series is also available. About The Book: This new series opens with an attempt on Marshal Hawk’s life by an unknown gunman, along with …

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Jul 11

Now Available: ‘Branson Hawk – United States Marshal: Dead Man’s Gold’

  The sequel to the number one bestselling Western adventure from Randall Dale! This is the second book in the “Branson Hawk: United States Marshal Western Series.” Branson Hawk agrees to assist a beautiful woman retrieve her dead brother for burial back home, but the accidental death begins to look suspicious because a fortune in …

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Jul 09

Randall Dale Smashes The Competition To Score The Number One Western Bestseller

(Read original press release here) Randall Dale, one of the most acclaimed Western authors, broke all existing sales records for his product—with over a quarter of a million pages read in a month and the number one chart position in the United States. This new series opens with an attempt on Marshal Hawk’s life by …

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Jul 05

Number One Western Bestseller Alert! Randall Dale Hits Number One With “U.S. Marshal: Branson Hawk”

It’s fantastic to see Randall Dale hit the number one position in America. His book “The Witchita Connection” was one of the big summer releases– we all knew it was a hit– and now we know readers agree! This new series opens with an attempt on Marshal Hawk’s life by an unknown gunman, along with …

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Jul 02

Outlaws Publishing Announces FREE Fourth of July Kindle Giveaway!

For the FIRST TIME! Outlaws will be giving away TWO bestselling Western books to celebrate America’s birthday! This is your chance to pick up the TWO bestselling Westerns in America– for FREE! This is a one-day Giveaway, so set your clock and mark your calendar so you won’t miss out on this once in a lifetime …

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Jul 01

The Strategy Behind The New Million-Page John D. Fie, Jr. Series Success: How Did He Score Five Hits In A Row?

  Many people have been asking about the continuing success in sales and success from John D. Fie, Jr. Especially after the news hit that he has moved over one million pages of his series so far this year. Everyone knows that in 2018 he was one of the leading sellers, but how did he …

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