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Jun 14

If You Can Dream It… You Can Do It… But Can You Help Others Do It?

If you can dream it, you can do it. If you can believe it, you can make it happen. But none of us can do it alone. Every single time we face a problem, be it in our own lives, our business decisions, or with our books, we find ourselves in the position of needing …

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May 31

Are The Best Book Boyfriends Sinners? Try A Taste of “Sinners Craving”

Readers have been enjoying Megan Elizabeth for some time now. Her first book “Sinners Craving” is currently available for 99 cents. If you are looking for a new paranormal series filled with great writing, this might be the series for you? You can learn more about the author through this interview… Why don’t you give …

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Jan 18

Your Kids Need This!

Hello   Are you and your children overwhelmed and stressed?   Most parents and kids are.   You may be bustling to and from after-school activities or arguing with your kids about behavior and homework. It’s common. And through all of your frustrations what you really want is to provide the best possible life for …

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Nov 15

Lester Van Huss and A Shattered Innocence

Lester Van Huss. A name you will soon enjoy on a regular basis. A writer, a creator and a man who knows that he has something to share with you all. I wanted to interview Lester and allow you all to meet him. Join us for a journey that will be remembered for a long, …

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Oct 04

“I’ll Be Damned,” Remarks Hitmaker Boyd Lemon

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Boyd Lemon remarked when his latest promotional campaign pushed his bestselling novel “Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages” into the higher reaches of the bestseller listings. It was just a natural occurrence though for those of us working the Lemon campaign. Boyd is the ultimate professional writer– not working for …

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Mar 24

Nick Wale Grabs William Gabienu by the Horns

My third interview with William Gabienu was to be the big one. (Follow these links for Part I and Part II.) This is the one where I grill him until he makes admissions he never wanted to. The one where I really crack him open and show the world if he is a genuine writer …

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Mar 18

EXCLUSIVE! Excerpts from The Memory Lingers On

Roselyn Kachuck has been writing for many years. I ran into her through another writer– Sandra Carrington-Smith. Would Roselyn like to appear on my page? Would I like to interview her? Would I like to run extracts from her latest book? SURE! What’s your book The Memory Lingers On about Roselyn? It’s an emotional rollercoaster …

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Feb 11

Kind of Like Jesus: Paul W. Meier Reflects on Faith Today…

Paul W. Meier is a guy I recently started to get to know well. We had our last interview scheduled for today and I wanted this one to really show the faith and beliefs of a man I have immense respect for. I wanted to know what he really thought about the religion he  writes …

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Jan 24

The Power Of Reiki! Deborah Lloyd Teaches Me About Reiki

Deborah Lloyd sent me a mail last week and asked for an interview. I thought perhaps she had written a novel or a biography. It turned out that she was an advocate for what we in England call “Alternate” medicine. I was hooked from that moment because I’ve always wondered about this kind of healthcare. …

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Jan 20

Patrick McMillan Has a Plan– Nick Wale Interviews Self-Help Author Patrick McMillan

Patrick McMillan is a single parent. In his efforts to be a better parent he devised new lessons and activities to teach his sons. Now he finds himself coaching, writing and promoting his own tips for parenting success. I wanted to meet him– and here is what happened when I did! I present an interview …

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