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Oct 28

Multi-Bestselling Romance Author MJ Summers Breaks Her Silence and Comes Clean About Her New Book “Breaking Love.”

  MJ Summers is one of the most exciting authors on the scene of today. Her first novel “Break In Two” was one of the biggest hits of 2013. Her first novella “Don’t Let Go” was another winner and now the wonderfully romantic sequel to “Break In Two, ” “Breaking Love” is here… This short …

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Oct 14

10.15.14: Upcoming Interview X1 with Author Rachael L. McIntosh

Fiction is the New History… Catch Interview X1 with Rachael L. McIntosh Background information you need to know… Jocelyn McLaren is a beautiful, hard working, yet naive visual artist who, through a twist of fate, ends up working for a major US defense contractor during the lead up to the Iraq war. She unknowingly witnesses …

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Aug 14

The BRAND NEW Satalyte Publishing Release

Okay… I have a treat for you all! The BRAND NEW cover for the first Satalyte release! RIGHT HERE! For you to see… “Satalyte Publishing” are the newest guys on the block– the most exciting publishing company to come onto the scene in years. They specialize in HIT books by HIT writers. Promotion is one …

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Jul 25

Heavyweight Champion Of The Recession: Terry Irving

The recession is biting us all. I want to share a book that will, hopefully, help you get back on your feet. This book is written for you: the middle-class worker who thought this would never happen; who believed you were invulnerable, destined for a great career, and that unemployment was something that only happened …

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Jun 18

EXCLUSIVE! An Excerpt From “Reprisal!” by Cliff Roberts

  Fort Story Beach and for a moment, he considered not getting out. Beaches in Virginia during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend were either mild and sunny, or cold and rainy. Today was definitely classified as a cold and rainy day. The wind gusts were near gale force. It was coupled with a light but steady …

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Jun 07

A Deal With Michael Haden…

The book is called A Deal With God. The writer is called Michael Haden. Michael Haden is a successful Tampa businessman and volunteer girls Division 1 competitive soccer coach. His inspiration for this book came from the girls he’s coached. He currently coaches for FC Tampa and has coached some of the most amazing and …

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May 29

One Mistake: Chris Keys is the Man- A Review by Nick Wale

Chris Keys has written “One Mistake” (released on Amazon June 1st). What a tale it is! I think it was always on the cards that Chris would write something that would stick. If he has a chance of gaining a worldwide bestseller, it is with this one. Tyler Stone is a man possessed as he …

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May 15

A Life Well Lived…. Northrup Naked!

J.W. Northrup has finally released his new E-book series! The stories all center around his life and things that have happened to him on his travels around the world. All of these stories are now available on Amazon for just 99 cents! A note from J.W: I hope you all enjoy my brand new books …

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May 14

Keys Unlock Doors: Nick Wale Meets Chris Keys

The new Keys novel has been announced and it’s going to be a killer. The novel is called One Mistake and let me tell you, it was no mistake. The only mistake Chris made was waiting so long to get this killer out there. I believe you will love this interview– Chris is an ex-politician, …

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Apr 10


J.W. Northrup and I had a chat the other day. He was writing as usual as we started the interview. J.W. is always writing, and his concentration face is always stern. He is becoming aware of his own talents as people read his blog and listen to his words. Anyway, I sat down and bided …

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