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The Rules That Stand True For Selling Westerns Today: And How You Can Use Them!

  Folks often ask me the strategy to selling books. What does it really take to move those units? Seriously, it’s mostly about rules that stand true. A good friend of mine, Harvey Cooper, who worked on the promotions side for RCA Victor, inspired this line of thinking. (you can read his interview here) He …

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J.C. Hulsey Interviews New Western Author Phil Truman For “The Wild West Showdown”

As always… J.C. Hulsey stands on the cutting edge of the Western market. His latest interview with Western author Phil Truman caught my attention yesterday. I believe Phil a body of work readers will truly enjoy. He reminds me of a cross between Gary Church and Fred Staff… and you can’t beat two number one …

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How The Three C’s Helped Western Author Gary Church Hit The Number One Sales Position Around The World!

  With May looking like one of the most exciting months so far for Western books, I keep getting asked, “How did Gary Church score so well with his three books?  What were the magic ingredients of his success? How does an author go from being unknown to being the number one bestseller in the …

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‘Stagecoach Willy: 600 Bloody Miles: A Classic Western Adventure’ From Scott Harris Now Available For Pre-Order On Amazon Kindle!

Stagecoach Willy and Ten are known as the best stagecoach driver and shotgun messenger in the West, but even their skills are challenged when they’re carrying not only $250,000 in cash and gold, but also a patent for an invention worth far more than $250,000. It’s 600 bloody and dangerous miles from Portland to Sacramento, …

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“The Marshal of Angel, Texas” Heads To Market Soon From Dylan Johnson!

The new Dylan Johnson hit will be heading out soon! A brand new Western adventure you’ll love. More details coming soon!

Watch Your Language: Western Writer Charles Ray On The Language Of The Old West

Western author Charles Ray discusses his thoughts on the language of the Old West, and how it applies to the reading audience of today. Decades ago, when I was a beginning writer, before the days of political correctness in language, a writer was free to use any language in his or her writing. As a …

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