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Apr 28

Is Your Life Haunted? An Interview With Author G. Michael Vasey

Is there anyone out there who isn’t scared of the books G. Michael Vasey writes? His “Your Haunted Lives” series has been tearing up the Amazon charts for some time now. His audiobooks are favorites of listeners who like their books creepy, and his blog “My Haunted Life Too” is one of the most diverse …

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Jul 10

Flashback Interview: MJ Summers on the Success of Break in Two

This interview was conducted in 2015 with one of the biggest names in romance and erotica. MJ Summers first hit the big time with her giant hit novel “Break in Two,” and followed her success with “Breaking Love,” “Don’t Let Go,” and the recently released “Breaking Clear.” Enjoy this interview for the second time and …

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May 16

Spain Has Talent: Author Jana Petken Reveals All….

JANA PETKEN TELLS ALL ABOUT HER NEW SMASH HIT “THE GUARDIAN OF SECRETS” About This Interview Jana Petken is a talented writer who currently resides in Spain. She chose a hard genre when she became a writer and it’s only fair that we give her a great interview. What makes her stand above other writers? …

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Nov 11

Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer…

Yveta Germano is one of the most exciting teen authors around at the moment. Her book “Bring Me Back” has been exciting young readers the world over, As a lover of history, Yveta spent her early years travelling and catching ancient crypts and medieval buildings. This encouraged her in her efforts as a writer, and …

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Nov 10

Tim Northway And The Alien Invasion

Tim Northway is one of the most exciting new writers to come out of the science-fiction genre for sometime. He’s the kinda guy who sits gazing at the skies and wonders what’s up there or looks down at the ground and wonders what’s deep underneath the Earth. Tim is one of the most creative members …

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Oct 04

Bring Me Back: The Teenage Sensation!

Trying to keep up with the trends? Yveta Germano has a book that will become the teenage trend of tomorrow. The first volume of her fantastic series of books is about one clone and one girl who fall in love. What could possibly go wrong when seventeen-year-old Aliana breaks into an old mansion to find …

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Sep 26

The Tooth Fairy Explained

Denise Barry is the author of the children’s picture book “What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With Our Teeth?” and the soon to be released “Soap on a Rope.” She loves writing for kids because she thinks like one, and what else is there to do during the wintry months in Buffalo, NY, where she …

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Jul 12

Brainography? Tom Ufert Investigates J.W. Northrup’s Brain

J.W. Northrup asked me the other day, “Can you get me an interview with Tom Ufert?” “J.W., I’m not sure we can fit that interview into your schedule.” “Get me an interview with Tom Ufert,” J.W. reasserted. “I want to meet him.” It was a done deal. Tom Ufert, author, disabled wonder and all around …

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Jun 27

Pure Magic! Nick Wale Interviews Author Cheryl Pillsbury

Cheryl Pillsbury is an enterprising contemporary writer. She runs a publishing company, promotes her books, others’ books and manages to find time to interview with guys like myself. I wonder how she manages it all?  Before the interview, she nervously asked me how we would handle things. I told her to just stay calm, answer …

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Jun 26

Reblogged! Alex Laybourne Interviews Christopher D. Abbott

  (An interview direct from interviewer Alex Laybourne.) Christopher D. Abbott has a background in human behavioral studies. He has gained a good understanding about people and their behaviors, and this has led to his interest in psychology. An avid reader of crime fiction, Christopher’s ambition has always been to publish a character driven crime …

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