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Jul 16

New GP Hutchinson Western Novel Coming in Late August 2018!

(From the official GP Hutchinson Website) Looking for a fresh new angle on stories of the Old West? I believe I’ve got just the thing for you, and it’s coming in late August 2018. My latest novel, Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West, includes many familiar elements from classic-style Westerns–cattle drives, conflicts between lawmen and outlaws, range …

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Jul 16

Western Writing Star Cobb Questions Reviews: “What Is the Gold Standard for Accuracy in Westerns?”

What is the “Gold Standard” when it comes to accuracy in Westerns? All authors of Westerns—of course, myself included—strive to be as historically accurate as they can, even though they are writing novels and not works of nonfiction, biographies or autobiographies. There is a lot of “wiggle room” for authors of Westerns, and rightly so, …

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Jul 12

The Latest In A Long Line Of Western Hits From Paul L. Thompson Has Arrived!

Yes… it’s finally here! The latest hit from super-bestselling Western author Paul L. Thompson. When it comes to Thompson… each of his fifty-nine great Westerns has taken up a residency on the bestseller charts. Each golden hit has given readers the three things they love most about Western adventures…. guns, crime and repentance! “Yer In …

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Jul 11

Six Bullets To Sundown: Volume 13: Now Available For Western Readers

Action, adventure, danger and love come at a high cost on the range. With gun in hand, a bounty hunter can make a name for himself, a sheriff can keep law and order, and a rancher can hold onto his property. With gun in hand, a man must make his mark in the wilderness of …

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Jul 10

New Western Release: “Jackson Sutton: An Assassin To Kill For” Is Now Available For Pre-Order

The highly anticipated follow up to the top ten bestseller “A Sheriff To Kill For” has now been made available for pre-order! This is one Western you won’t want to miss! Jackson Sutton had always been the brother who went his own way. After cutting a bloody swath of revenge across the Texas territory with …

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Jul 09

Brand New, Exciting Release From Western Writer Watts: “The Riders of Pecos County”

Watts Years of Golden Success With Dusty Saddle Publishing       (Taken From “The Riders of Pecos County) “Since the first time David Watts decided to write a western we all knew, at Dusty Saddle Publishing, that he would meet with great success. Not only does David have the style and the ability to portray …

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Jul 06

Fie, Hanlon And Dusty Saddle Publishing Are… The Guns of U.S. Lawmen

Five of the biggest authors have been pulled together to create the new Dusty Saddle Publishing anniversary collection! It’s been two years of great success– so now you can get five great novels for the price of one! From The Collection: “Dusty Saddle Publishing is a Western publishing house devoted to one thing—great Western stories. …

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Jul 03

How Western Authors Have Been Leading The Way With Innovative Projects, Promotion And Ever-Growing Sales

Well, friends, we are past the halfway mark of the year 2018, and what a year it has been. Ever-increasing Western sales, fascinating stories, a host of new talent who are writing Westerns, and a year for innovation in the genre. Innovation? How did this innovation come about? Well, it all came from a few …

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Jul 02

Pastor Jim Burnett Beams With Pride As He Holds His Copy of “Guide My Hand, Precious Hand”

From Pastor Jim Burnett: Dusty Saddle Publishing and I are excited to share with you the first dedicated inspirational Western collection, “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord.” Tales of love, loss, regret and honor written by some of the greatest Western stars of today! We hope that you will be encouraged, challenged, inspired, and renewed as …

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Jun 29

Jim Burnett, Michael Haden And Others Write Inspirationally With “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord”

A brand new, exciting collection has been released. “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord” pulls together inspirational western stories from Michael Haden, Fred Staff and many others… with insightful commentary from Pastor Jim Burnett. From Pastor Jim Burnett: Dusty Saddle Publishing and I are excited to share with you the first dedicated inspirational Western collection, “Guide …

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