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Oct 18

Bestselling Western Author Scott Harris Reviews “Timber: United States Marshal” From Robert Hanlon

Bestselling western author Scott Harris has reviewed “Timber: United States Marshal” from Robert Hanlon. You can find the latest Scott Harris hit “Caz: Vigilante Hunter” by clicking here. You can read the original review by clicking here. Subtle is not a word I would use to describe Robert Hanlon’s “Timber: United States Marshal.” Granted, you’re …

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Oct 17

Diane Franklin, Bobby Bare, Bill Anderson, And Many More Make The New FREE Halloween Westerner Magazine A Smash Hit

The Halloween Westerner has arrived! A brand new edition of this great free magazine filled with articles, interviews, reviews and books. Inside this issue you will find: A brand new interview with “Better off Dead” star Diane Franklin. Diane has recently completed work on her latest motion picture. A brand new movie about “Amytiville.” A …

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Oct 16

Hutchinson’s ‘Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West: A Western Novel’ Pulls In Those Positive Reviews

The following is a brand new review written by a reader who enjoyed “Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West” from GP Hutchinson. This review, which can be read right here, gives insight into the way people feel about Hutchinson, and his writing. If you haven’t picked up a copy of this great new release– why are …

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Oct 12

Forum Featuring Douglas R. Cobb: An Interview With Scott Harris and Douglas R. Cobb

This great new interview with Douglas R. Cobb was conducted by hit writer Scott Harris. Scott always features great talent– and Cobb is now exception. His latest book “Bounty Hunter on the Border” is currently racing up the chart. What makes a writer like Cobb such an overnight success? Well… lets find out! You can …

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Oct 09

REBLOG: How To Write A Bestseller With Western Writer Scott Harris: Mile 12: The Team

Scott Harris. An enigma in the Western writing business. A man who has scored hits with each of his releases. There isn’t enough room to name them all here… and now we are presenting his thoughts about writing. Each one of these blogs will give you the thoughts of a bestseller… directly from his mouth! …

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Oct 08

How Reworking Your Catalogue Can Keep Those Book Sales Rolling In…

Every author wants their success to keep on rolling, and Western authors are no exception to the rule. One of the big questions is—how do I keep those sales coming in when I have no new product to offer? One of the big answers is—look at what you already have. I know, I know… it’s …

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Oct 08

“Six Bullets To Sundown: Volume 14” Coming Soon To A Kindle Near You!

Well, it’s that time again! A brand new volume of “Six Bullets to Sundown” will be heading out shortly. Brand new stories from Scott Harris, Michael Haden, Michael D. Abbott, ‘Big’ Jim Williams, M. Allen and Robert Hanlon. Each one circled with gold. Each one could have been a success on it’s own. The best …

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Oct 05

Colt Raines – Relentless Pursuer Western Series Moving Up The Charts!

What a year this has been for Cherokee Parks! Not only has he managed to score hit, after hit… he’s also managed to turn out some of the great Western novels of 2018. The second book in his hugely popular “Colt Raines: Relentless Pursuier Western Series” was recently released– and is bounding up the charts! …

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Oct 03

Discovering The Magical Three C’s To Selling Your Western In 2018

Now, as you know, the three C’s have been successful for some time… so I decided to take an article I wrote a few years ago and update it. The information is still valid, the hits are still flowing and the three c’s are waiting for you… One of the great book success stories of …

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Oct 02

Coming Soon From Fred Staff: The United States Marshal: A Posse For The Marshal


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