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Apr 27

Burning Down The Barn With Western Author W.M. Montague

W.M. Montague has become of the surprise hit-makers of 2017. His first book “Blood on the Badge” has been rumbling around Amazon for a few weeks now… his second has just started to sell. The second Montague novel will take readers on the trail with a lawman. It’s a novel you are going to love… …

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Apr 18

800,000+ Pages Read Later… And Those Readers Keep Reading…

  800,000 PAGE READS LATER…   A few weeks ago now, I was talking to you all about the importance of recognizing a living, Western readership that is actively reading the books of Western authors around the world. I made some good friends from that post. But I also met some people who told me …

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Mar 29

Connecting With A Western Readership That Is Still Very Much Alive and Well…

Western authors arrange calls me with often and start with something along these lines: “I wrote this book called ______ and nobody is buying it. Nobody buys Westerns anymore. It’s so sad.” I have to smile. I mean, you have to smile, don’t you? It’s one of those strange “certainties” that people are so sure …

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Mar 27

The Million-Selling World of Western Hitster Paul L. Thompson

When it comes to overnight success… none has been as successful as Paul L. Thompson. A year ago… Paul was a middling writer who had seen some success. Now… he’s one of the top 100 bestselling authors in America. What caused such a sensation? What caused one Western author to sell over 5 million pages …

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Mar 03

8 Million Page Hanlon: The Quick-Writing Western Pen of Bestseller Robert Hanlon

Robert Hanlon– that’s a name many Western readers are familiar with. Why? Because he’s one of the biggest names in the Western book business. His first novel “Texas Bounty Hunter” was number one for weeks– since then he’s tied up the charts with a number of big hits… and… he has a new one. “Pecos …

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Feb 27

An Exclusive From “Westerner” Magazine: An Interview With Hollywood Icon Alex Cord

There are so many times in my life that I expected one thing and received something completely different. This feeling pervaded when I finished a phone interview with author Alex Cord today. Many of us know Mr. Cord through his work in television and movies. What we are finding out is that Alex is a …

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Feb 27

Memorial Interview: An interview with Author Gordon Osmond

Gordon Osmond is a man accustomed to attention. After many, many years of success as a Wall Street lawyer he gave it all up. He became a writer and a playwright. Gordon has since become a lauded playwright, and a well-respected writer. His novel Slipping on Stardust and his unauthorized biography Wet Firecrackers have become …

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Feb 15

The Widget Interview: A Short Conversation with Bestselling Author Rebecca McLendon

This interview is with the ever-talented Becky McLendon. One of her bestselling books, “Settling In: At Home in My Sky,” has recently been turned into an audiobook. Readers around the world can now sit back, listen to her great story and decide whether they have what it takes to become an aviator in retirement. Her new …

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Jan 30

Western Superpower Paul L. Thompson Reveals Why He Wants Revenge of the Bullet!

Do you love a good Western novel? If so, you need to hunker down with a taste of Paul Thompson. His book “Revenge of the Bullet” has been setting the Western charts alight. It takes a touch of Thompson to really make your Western party swing… let’s view the man!  *****   Paul, it’s great …

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Jan 24

Meet The New Western Superpowers: Actor Alex Cord & Author Mike Hundley Release Their First Interview

An exclusive interview with veteran actor and Western author Alex Cord and Virginian Western author Mike Hundley. This interview is one of those rare combinations that come together only after a lot of telephone calls, hounding and blatant salesmanship. This is an interview that combines the best of the Western world in one easy-to-read package. …

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