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Nov 30

Novel Ideas is The Home of the Hits

Novel Ideas is proud to announce that we have had a week of bonanza sales… Author promotion is starting to catch fire and people are starting to realize the power of indie books!    

Nov 28

Tom Ufert asks “Is This Heaven?”

Is this heaven?  No, it’s Thanksgiving in America. To paraphrase a famous line from one of my all-time favorite movies, A Field of Dreams, I decided to write of hope and grace that I believe is sorely lacking in this country and indeed throughout the world.  For me the 1989 movie plucks a heartstring, as …

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Nov 27

Troubled Teen: Author Charles James Explains All…

Charles James weaves a story that will leave you shocked to the core with “The Tarnished Shooter.” The story begins in 1971. Frank Henry Barker is a troubled young man left in emotional turmoil after years of his father’s abuse. He joins the Marines after getting into more trouble than he can handle—just to escape …

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Nov 26

An Interview With Author Sarka Jonae-Miller

  Why did you want to write a book? I wanted to write a book ever since I was a kid. I loved when my teachers would give us creative writing assignments in school. I’d always go way over the minimum length. I thought it would be cool to write an entire book one day. …

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Nov 25

Author Tim Northway Explains About The Mist…

Tim Northway and his mist. That’s all… Q) What is the “mist” in “Total Amnesia” and where does it come from? Why a “mist” anyway? What was that concept all about? I assume you’re asking about the gas that paralyzes the humans so they can be collected up by the invaders. It is a very …

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Nov 24

“Standing Strong for Others is an Obligation,” says Author Tom Ufert

Despite the bloodshed and social havoc that arose from the French Revolution ending in 1789, a distinct social contract developed that forever altered mankind’s perception of our obligatory responsibility for the less fortunate among us. The phrase Noblesse Oblige, loosely translated as “the obligation of the nobility,” came to commonly refer as the social obligation of …

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Nov 23


FREE PROMOTION FROM NOVEL IDEAS I want to tell you all about a new opportunity I have to share with you all. I have started a new book promotion website called “The LIST.” “The LIST” is nothing more and nothing less than a list of books and why readers should buy them.  I am offering …

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Nov 23

American Science, Political Science… Author Tim Northway

Tim Northway- defintion: A creature who writes for the enjoyment of others. A man with a talent for literature with a social edge. A being that has immense intellect and little time for Jonahs. A seller of ideas through the worn pages of books bearing his name. Class dismissed… Meet Tim Northway!     Q) What …

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Nov 22

Author Yveta Germano on the Cutting Edge

Yveta Germano is an exciting writer. Exciting? Why do I say that? I think I am justified in saying that she is exciting simply because she attacks social media, promotion and writing with such amazing energy. I posed this set of “cutting edge” questions to her and she, without doubt, gave me the strongest set …

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Nov 21

A Trip To A TOTAL AMNESIA With Author Tim Northway!

Total Amnesia is a Science Fiction Novel about the invasion of Planet Earth that leaves me as the only human left.   How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write your book? And what motivated you to write it?   I have been writing for 15 years.  The first book …

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