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[img src=]2830Boyd Lemon- Author
Retired high-powered attorney. Boyd has authored several books including the bestselling "Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages."
[img src=]1920G. Michael Vasey- Author
G. Michael Vasey has authored several books including his latest hit "The Last Observer."
[img src=]1460Alex Cord- Hollywood Movie Star & Author
Film star, "Airwolf" star and now author of "A Feather in the Rain" and "The Man Who Would Be God."
[img src=]420Frank F. Fiore- Author
Frank F. Fiore is the bestselling author of "Gunfight at Black Ridge," and several others.
[img src=]1170Cliff Roberts- Author
Cliff is considered by many to be one of the most successful Indie writers. How can we disagree with 5 #1 hits under his belt? Start with "Conch Republic" and work your way through his novels.
[img src=]1110Princess Fumi Hancock- Media Personality & Author
Princess Fumi Hancock is a bestselling author, movie-maker and media figure.
[img src=]1050Megan Elizabeth- Author
Megan was recently signed to "Satalyte Publishing" and will be releasing her first novel this year.
[img src=]930Terry Irving- Emmy-winning news producer & Author
Terry is a veteran TV producer who wrote "Courier" after retiring. It became a hit and the Irving legend continues.
[img src=]890William Collins Publishing, London
William Collins Publishing publishes commercial fiction and non-fiction.
[img src=]340Dr. David Watts- Author
Dr. David Watts is the bestselling author of current bestseller "The Lucifer Connection."
[img src=]860MJ Summers- Author
MJ Summers was recently signed to a large publishing house after the wild success of her first novel "Break in Two." Her new book "Breaking Love" looks set to beat records set by "Break in Two."
[img src=]790Scott-Clark Medical, Michigan
Scott-Clark Medical is a leading medical cart company who had a major breakthrough with their FMCP Technology.
[img src=]420The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society
The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society is a Texas non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to preserve “Historically Significant Railroad Artifacts of the United States.”
[img src=]410Outlaws Publishing LLC
Outlaws Publishing publishes western novels with authors from all over the world.
[img src=]410J.C. Hulsey- Author
J.C. Hulsey, author of 40+ books, Owner/chairman of Outlaws Publishing & host of an online radio show
[img src=]780Mike Trahan- Author
Mike Trahan wrote a series of memoirs that set the world on fire. "The Gift" series stand alone as a documented history of aviation.
[img src=]730Thomas Ufert- Political Commentator & Author
Thomas Ufert broke through with a political book for the masses. "Political Craps" is essential reading.
[img src=]720Jana Petken- Author
Jana Petken scored a huge historical fiction hit with her book "The Guardian of Secrets." Her new book "Mercy Carver" will be released soon.
[img src=]730Michael Haden- Author
Michael Haden wrote his book "A Deal With God" to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk-driving.
[img src=]660Bruce Bennett- Author
Bruce Bennett has authored two bestsellers and is currently promoting his new bestseller "UnAmerica."
[img src=]300Jeff Breland- Author
Jeff Breland is the bestselling author of Gunman's Reckon," "Canyon of the Gun," and many other western novels.
[img src=]450Susannah Cord- Author
Susannah Cord recently published her new book- the autobiographical "Each Wind That Blows." In EWTB Susannah Cord returns to Kenya after a thirty year absence. A horseback safari across the famed game reserve, Maasai Mara, draws her back to the land that gave birth to her most cherished childhood memories. Susannah soon finds there is much more in store for her than just an exciting holiday.
[img src=]310Lori-Ann Rogan- Author
Lori-Ann is the bestselling author of "For The Dreamers and Those Who Never Thought They Could."
[img src=]290Karlene Price- Author
Karlene Price is the bestselling author of "The Poison Pen Murders" series.
[img src=]300W.M. Montague- Author
W.M. Montague is the bestselling author of hit western "Treason on the Trail."
[img src=]300Paul Provo- Narrator
Paul Provo is "The Golden Voice of Barcelona," and has worked on some of the great audiobook projects of today.
[img src=]280G.P. Hutchinson- Author
G.P. Hutchinson is the bestselling author of the "Emmett Strong Westerns Series." He has already scored two top ten bestsellers.
[img src=]270John D. Fie. Jr- Author
John D. Fie. Jr is one of the top sellers of the year with his two super bestsellers "Blood on the Plains" and "Luke Pressor: U.S. Marshall."
[img src=]80Seth Nation - Author
Seth Nation is one of the fastest rising Western authors in the business. His second book "Pecos Justice" will be available January 2017.
[img src=]40Mike Hundley
Mike Hundley is author of the newly released Western novel "Gunsight Justice" which is one of the top Western picks for 2017!



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