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May 05

An Evening with Princess Fumi Hancock

  The time has come! This is the interview you have all been waiting for. Bestselling author Princess Fumi Hancock shares her words of wisdom– and what words of wisdom they are! This interview is one of the most interesting I have ever had the pleasure of sharing with you all… Enjoy! How did you …

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Apr 05

Emmy-Winning Irving Appears In “BIG THRILL” Magazine!

By Cathy Clamp Before Twitter and Facebook, the fastest way get a story on the news was on a BMW R50/2 motorcycle. In 1972, every network or television station used couriers to get important stories delivered. It was the fastest way to get around Washington, as well as the quickest way to get killed. From four-time …

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Mar 25

It’s A Ring-A-Ding-Ding… It’s A Gas… It’s Bestselling Author Tim Flanagan

The room is almost empty. The man standing by the desk is called Tim Flanagan, and he writes novels. His series of bestsellers “The Moon Stealers” has been riding high. His books are read by those all over the world– the girl on her way to work– the guy who picks up a book at …

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Mar 24

“Word-Class” Bestseller Tim Flanagan Signs With Novel Ideas

  (Prague- 24/03/2014) Bestselling author TIM FLANAGAN has signed an exclusive publicity deal with hit-making promotion company NOVEL IDEAS. Flanagan, a veteran of the writing world, has been snapped up for an exclusive 24 book deal. When asked about this new deal, NOVEL IDEAS spokesman Cliff Popkey explained that “Flanagan has what it takes to …

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Jan 12

“A Glimmer of Hope”– The New Bestseller From M.L Newman!

Glimmer of Hope is a fun and exciting romance/thriller from new author M.L. Newman. Becki is torn between her boyfriend with whom she sees her future and his career which would take them away from her gratifying work and the life she has built thus far. Enter Eric—the quiet, reclusive and frequently broody writer. Is …

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Dec 10

A Short Story From Bestselling Author Bruce Bennett

The following is a short story from the pen of Bruce Bennett. Bruce is one of the foremost American writers of the moment. He has released two novels– both bestsellers–entitled “Digital Air” and “Wisemen.” If you enjoy this great short, don’t forget to pick up the novels! “Dr. Focarazzo, don’t you think you are taking …

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Nov 19

Bestselling Indie Author Cliff Roberts IS King Conch!

A fresh interview with Cliff Roberts. Cliff Roberts the writer who broke all sales records. The writer who has the Midas touch. This interview will let you into a few secrets…. If you are an Indie author and you want to get ahead– this may well be the interview for you… Read on people… Read …

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Nov 16

Cliff Roberts: The 100 Downloads An Hour Guy

Tonight will not swing. Tonight is for serious. Inside, Cliff Roberts is at one with his laptop, sitting in a sleeved shirt he sits with a straight back. A cigarette smoulders in the ashtray to the left of his huge, overpowering arms. A pair of glasses, tinted, sit on his forehead. He is a writer …

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Nov 16

“Anything Worth Having Is Not Easy!” Author Tom Ufert Decrees

  I wrote this article at the behest of Nick Wale as a follow-up to last month’s (September 2013) exceptional first full edition of Novel Reads, the new blockbuster e-magazine that is taking the publishing industry by storm.  I ask readers to forgive my abruptness; it is not intended to be rude but plainly speaking, …

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