Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 31

Meet Author Mike Trahan and Take A Lesson In Life

My buddy Mike Trahan sometimes sits and tells me stories. I like his stories. He has a style all of his own and has a life worth hearing about. Now, in the book world, there are thousands of people with interesting stories writing memoirs every day of the week. What sets Mike Trahan apart? I …

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Mar 26

Mike Trahan To Release His New Book To Coincide With His Book Tour

Bestselling biographies by Mike Trahan have been described as “blockbusters,” and there’s another one on the way. Mike Trahan, a native of Texas, is becoming a well known name– not only in his local area, but as a world-wide Kindle author. The first two Trahan releases have been widely accepted as two of the best …

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Mar 25

It’s A Ring-A-Ding-Ding… It’s A Gas… It’s Bestselling Author Tim Flanagan

The room is almost empty. The man standing by the desk is called Tim Flanagan, and he writes novels. His series of bestsellers “The Moon Stealers” has been riding high. His books are read by those all over the world– the girl on her way to work– the guy who picks up a book at …

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Mar 24

“Word-Class” Bestseller Tim Flanagan Signs With Novel Ideas

  (Prague- 24/03/2014) Bestselling author TIM FLANAGAN has signed an exclusive publicity deal with hit-making promotion company NOVEL IDEAS. Flanagan, a veteran of the writing world, has been snapped up for an exclusive 24 book deal. When asked about this new deal, NOVEL IDEAS spokesman Cliff Popkey explained that “Flanagan has what it takes to …

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Mar 21

“Do You Feel Lucky?”- The Reality of Advertising Your Book

An article by bestselling author Cliff Roberts about the reality of book promotion. Cliff Roberts has moved thousands of books, won several book sales awards and recently featured on “Amazon’s best books of March list.” “We can talk when I’m ready to promote again.”  I hear this five or six times a day from authors …

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Mar 18

The Man Who Makes Sexy… Sexy… James Gordon!

Author of REVENGE OF THE ORGASM United States   James Gordon is another man I am proud to call a friend. He calls me “Slick Nick,” but he’s really the slick one! A huge hit book, an acting career and a talent for just about everything. Enjoy your time with the “Greatest Poet Alive.”   …

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Mar 16

Bestselling Author Cliff Roberts – “Writing Your Way To The Top Isn’t Hard!”

  “Reprisal! The Sorrow,” the book cover says. This is Cliff Roberts — a talkative guy in a pair of slacks with a manuscript in in his hand. “I just gave up cigarettes and wrote better than I ever believed I could have,” he says, sitting in his office. Sales awards litter the walls. This …

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Mar 06

A Very Special Interview With Foal

You may or may not know this, but “Foal and the Angels” is now on sale. I wanted to get an interview with Foal and show you why this book is a must-buy for your Kindle. Now, I’m not going to give you a sales speech here, I just think you should read the interview …

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Mar 03

A Tribute To Author James Caskey– A Man With A Story To Tell

I want to share this interview again in honor of James Caskey who died today. I met Mr Caskey through my dear friend and client Boyd Lemon. We interviewed together a few times and spoke on the phone– it was always a pleasure and his interviews were always top notch.  This interview was featured in …

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