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Jun 27

Rise of a Nation: How Author Seth Nation Went From Printer To Bestselling Western Author Overnight

One of the biggest Western names of today is Seth Nation. Seth is the talent behind “The Devil’s Brand.” For those of you who already know the book– you know it’s one of the fastest selling Westerns of the year for a reason. For those of you who haven’t discovered it– what’s wrong? Did you …

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Apr 21

So, Your Western Isn’t Selling… Isn’t It About Time You Turned Your Western Into A Hit?

Today’s interview is with a book promoter. His name Nick Wale, and he has the distinction of having had 15 books in the Western top 100 at the same time. He started off working for thriller writer Cliff Roberts, and during their first year together, he helped move $100,000 dollars’ worth of his thrillers. He …

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Aug 27

Selling Your Way To The Top: Self-Publishing

My name is Nick Wale and I happen to have created 8 number one bestselling books over the past couple of months.  The nature of the book world today is simple. Overpopulation. That’s not to say that the overpopulated book world isn’t populated with quality– it is in many cases. I just mean to say …

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Jul 09

How To Sell Books: An Interview With PR Nick Wale

  Interview undertaken by interviewer  Alex Laybourne and reblogged on several sites including www.nickwale.org Ever hear the song “Hungry Like The Wolf”? Well, this guy is hungry for the hits. It becomes a struggle when you have written a book—a good book, no less! What do you do? You can hire some PR guy or …

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