Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 31

Al Martino, The Voice of My Choice

Recently whilst writing, my eyes were drawn towards my record collection. Now, I have a few hundred records, mainly ballad singers and opera, rock and roll, country and a lot of jazz. Not a huge collection, but enough to please me. One of my favourites is an album entitled ‘The Exciting Voice of Al Martino’. …

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Oct 28

First King of Rock and Roll?

1929 was a whole new world to the one we live in today. Ellington, Beiderbecke, Trumbauer, Lang, the Dorseys and Condon were ripping up the music world and a young singer trying to make his way in the world was among them. His name was Bing Crosby. This guy had sung with all the above …

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Oct 26

Dick Haymes, Equal to Sinatra?

The time had come for Dick Haymes to make a bigger splash. Throughout the 1940’s he had matched Frank Sinatra in every single way. Hit records like ‘It Might as well be Spring’ and ‘Love Letters’ dominated those early charts. The movies had made him a household name and concert dates were bulging with fans. …

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Oct 23

A Sinner Am I- Johnnie Ray.

Johnnie Ray had it bad, he had just found himself replaced by a new craze called Rock and Roll. The half American Indian, half deaf teen idol must have been in shock. Things had looked so rosy for him just a few years earlier. With Guy Mitchell and Frankie Laine he had rocked the charts …

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Oct 16

Want a good publisher? Try Darrell Bennett!

On my travels I meet some very interesting people. I interview writers and publishers and every other interesting person I come across. However, I have a question for all of you out there: Do you have an inspirational manuscript? Have you been turned down? I know how that feels. I also know a guy who can …

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Oct 12

Why I consider Stephen King to be a great writer…

A lot of people, my wife included, write off Stephen King as a writer. Why? Is it because he is immensely popular? Wealthy? Prolific? Is there a stigma involved for writers who specialize in horror? I think all of the above apply. I read all of his works growing up. The local library would supply …

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Oct 11

If you liked “Rose Amongst the Thorns”…..

If you really liked my book “Rose Amongst the Thorns”… Let me know! Email me at.. Follow me on twitter- @nickwale1990 If you loved it, let me know! I want to hear your opinions!

Oct 10


Imagine your life being led in a room. All your freedoms are revoked and the world outside turns without input from you. Imagine your own Mother locking the door to make sure you can’t leave the house. Your friends ask you to go out with them but you know that you can never say yes. …

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Oct 10


Dear Mr. Wale, “Thank you for your query and interest in representation by… We regret that we are unable to take you on as a client at this time. We receive  hundreds of queries a week and as such we must turn down many projects that might have great commercial potential.” Every writer has received at least …

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Oct 10

Failure is not a bad thing!

So you wrote a book? So did I! What is yours about? A fish? That’s great! Mine? Oh, its about a giant who found a wife. You don’t like it? I better change my idea then.. No! Just because someone says they don’t like your book, don’t lose heart! There’s a thousand stars, a thousand …

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