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Nov 14

Take Two of Seven: A Night At The Movies With Artist Judy Mastrangelo

This wonderful new interview series with Judy Mastrangelo is all about the movies. This is a seven part series… Let’s delve in! Films have always inspired my life and my art, ever since I was young.  They fulfill needs for fantasy, excitement, etc., which can be experienced vicariously by everyone who loves to partake in …

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Jul 27

“Wild One” Rydell Pens a Whole Lotta Memoir: A Note for All Lovers of Music Looking for Books to Read

As an avid record buyer, it was pretty exciting for me to get hold of a copy of the new Bobby Rydell memoir, “Teen Idol on the Rocks,” which has to be, with little doubt, one of the better music memoirs I’ve read in some time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rydell– …

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Jun 09

Jack The Ripper Is Stalking The Old West: An Interview With Western Author Frank F. Fiore

The first book in a new Western mystery series will put the best of the British against the American West. Filled with action, drama, twists, turns and gunfights, this series will leave you wishing for more. Jack the Ripper is terrorizing the citizens of London, and there is only one connection between each murder known …

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Jun 01

The Memoir Man: An Interview With Aviator & Author Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan, pilot, father, and author, has been writing books for some years now. His series of memoirs has now been completed and has been on the market for some time now. The series’ success has been a mix of understanding his audience, knowing how to write without incurring boredom, and being able to relate exciting …

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May 23

A Trilogy of Aviation: An Interview with Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan could be described as a “living legend.” In a world where everyone is a legend, we have to take that title with a grain of salt. Let me explain how Mike actually fits that title. Mike Trahan followed his dream to become a pilot. He had true grit and fought all the obstacles …

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Nov 23

Memories: An Interview with Author, Aviator and Veteran Mike Trahan

  This special interview is with Mike Trahan. Mike has recently finished his series of memoirs, “The Gift,” and is working on new products. His first audio book was just released, and the second isn’t far behind. Mike agreed to this interview, and I think it’s probably the best one he has ever done. Let’s …

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Jul 15

Digging Deep with Author Boyd Lemon

Boyd Lemon recently re-released his groundbreaking retirement book “Retirement: A Memoir and Guide” as a second edition. This new edition has been updated and should please many of the people who enjoyed the book the first time around. I wanted to feature a new interview with Mr. Lemon and this is the result… Enjoy! Why …

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Jan 30

Vietnam Pilot Steve Taylor Goes ‘Wheels Up’ in This New Interview

Steve Taylor was raised on a farm in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. He is a 1960 graduate of The Citadel with a degree in civil engineering, and he served six years as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force with service in Vietnam. Following a long flying career, he retired as an international airline captain. Taylor …

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Mar 31

Meet Author Mike Trahan and Take A Lesson In Life

My buddy Mike Trahan sometimes sits and tells me stories. I like his stories. He has a style all of his own and has a life worth hearing about. Now, in the book world, there are thousands of people with interesting stories writing memoirs every day of the week. What sets Mike Trahan apart? I …

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Oct 17

The Real Don Draper Profiled…

How many of you have seen the TV show “Mad Men?” I would place a hefty bet to say that the majority of you have at least glanced at a show that could be described as one of the hottest of recent years. Advertising executives, lawyers, architects, journalists, recording artists were all part of perhaps …

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