Monthly Archive: December 2018

Dec 18

Looking Ahead To Making Your Western Book Sell In 2019: Are You Looking For A Stronger Sales Year?

Well, here we are, looking 2019 in the face—it’s just a skip and a hop past Christmas. I’d like to take this time in December, the slowest sales month of the year so far, and talk about a brand new year of achievement for us to hit head on. 2018 has been the kind of …

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Dec 14

Why Christmas Cheer Is High And Book Sales And Pages Read May Be Lower Over The Holy Season

Christmas is strange month for book sales and those all-important pages read. During the early part of this Holy month, many authors have been seeing a reduction in the number of pages read of their book per day—even though their rankings have remained high, and their books have remained highly visible. For some, this could …

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Dec 13

Patch: United States Marshal: Wanted Dead: A Classic New Western Action Adventure From Russ Towne!

This is the latest novel from Western adventure bestseller Russ Towne! With gun, and badge in hand—Marshal Patch blasts his way through the bad guys to bring peace and justice to the Old West! U.S. Marshal Arliss “Patch” Elkins sets out to bring to justice a rich 14-year-old boy accused of murdering his parents. When …

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Dec 11

For The Whole Family: The Star Podcast With Judy Mastrangelo: A New Activity Book For All Ages!

   Judy Mastrangelo discusses her new paperback “The Star.” A brand new book the whole family will enjoy. You can learn more about Judy Mastrangelo by visiting her website at You can purchase “The Star” from Amazon by clicking this link!

Dec 10

Three New Western Releases You Won’t Want To Say ‘No’ To Reading!

You’ll be seeing a lot of new releases hitting the charts over the next few weeks. I thought I’d share three of the most interesting releases heading to market over the next few days… This new one from Hanlon pulls together books five and six of his impressive “Timber: United States Marshal” series. You’ll likely …

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Dec 07

New, Exciting Western Releases From Dusty Saddle Publishing This December…


Dec 05

The Brand New Western Hit From Pastor Jim Burnett: “Jedidiah Justice: Bounty Hunter of the Badlands”

Across the frontier rode a breed of men that was so dangerous and animal-like that even some lawmen and bounty hunters refused to hunt them, regardless of the large reward on their heads. They were killers without a conscience with an insatiable thirst for blood. They were the worst of the worst.  But there was …

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Dec 03

AllAuthor Nominates “A Bullet for the Bronc Buster: A Western Novel” From GP Hutchinson For “Best Book Cover Of The Month”

A note from GP Hutchinson: AllAuthor has nominated my latest novel for Best Book Cover of the Month! If you would slip over to their page and vote for my cover, it would help me gain important visibility and help folks find new authors and books they might like to read. Thank you! Vote by clicking …

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