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Jun 01

“Preacher and the Bounty Hunter: A Western Novel” Strikes For Grady Bryant!

A brand new Western adventure from acclaimed author Grady Bryant. This is rip-roaring action and adventure as bounty hunter Chico Hadley teams up with a preacher to fight crime and bring justice to the Old West. When Chico Hadley teams up with a Padre to find the lost treasure of a famous outlaw who is …

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May 19

Steps For Success: How Western Author ‘Big’ Jim Williams Went From Low Sales To The Top One Hundred!

Many of you will have noticed the great success of ‘Big’ Jim Williams and have been asking how he went from zero to the top one hundred with TWO books in such a short time span. I decided that process might be something worth sitting down and discussing. Now, take notes… you can try this …

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May 05

“Gundown At Stillwater: A U.S. Marshal Timber And Jedidiah Justice Western Adventure” Scores Chart Action!

Another month. Another month inside the top one hundred. This is Casey Nash… one of the authors currently making gains on the bestseller chart with his first Western “Gundown at Stillwater.” Have you caught your copy yet? Directives of the Marshal: Protect the innocent; Uphold the law; Stamp out illegality. The long-awaited new Western adventure …

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May 01

“An Eye For An Eye: A Jake Silverhorn Arizona Justice Novel” Strikes At The Heart Of The Top Twenty For ‘Big’ Jim Williams!

“An Eye For An Eye” is the latest ‘Big’ Jim Williams Western success currently sitting inside the top twenty. This one has really caught the attention of readers! Congratulations, Jim! Some would call him a lawman. Others would call him justice. Some folks would say he’s a vigilante. A few would call him a cold-blooded …

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Apr 30

Mountain Man Adventures From Harvey Wood Say “Hello” To The Bestseller Chart!

Two brand new releases from Harvey Wood have scored places inside the top one hundred. “Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man: Vengeance in the Rockies” and “Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man: Revenge Of The Mountain Man” are both vibrant, exciting frontier adventures that have found favor with readers. Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man: Vengeance in the Rockies (Book One) …

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Apr 27

“Make It Sell.” The Simple Strategy Behind Those Constant William H. Joiner, Jr. Western Sales

Every single day there are two constants I always like about the Western book business. The first is that there are always brand new books on the bestseller chart, and the second is that, for over a year now, it has been a daily game to find out how many Westerns William H. Joiner, Jr. …

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Apr 20

As The Clouds Roll Away… A Bright New Tomorrow for the Western Novel?

  Even though we have been moving through a difficult time, there is light, not death, on the horizon. The ever-growing bright light says, “Readers need new Westerns.” This welcome light, dimmer last month, has now brightened and will enable us all to get on with what we do best—producing and promoting new Western novels …

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Apr 15

Are You The Sulker, The Pouter, The Quitter Or The Western Author Who Is Soldiering On?

  During a crisis such as the one we are currently facing worldwide, it’s always interesting to note the way people approach problems. A tough time for the book business may be something we are currently dealing with, but I am proud to say that even though this crisis has been hanging over the heads …

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Apr 14

Hitting The Top And Maintaining Number One With Your Western Books

    Having just scored another number one bestseller with his latest Western, C. Wayne Winkle is sitting at the top of the mountain with an excitingly high sales year already in motion. He’s not the only one, as Mike Mackessy, C. Wayne Winkle, William H. Joiner, Dave Sebeslav, Paul L. Thompson, Randall Dale and …

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Apr 06

Your Lucky Day To Play Baseball: Grab Your Copy of “Over the Right Field Wall” And Start A Brand New Adventure!

Now featured on Choosy Bookworm! Take advantage of this special listing today by clicking here! “…a wonderfully interesting and romantic story. Any reader who likes baseball, American historical fiction or a good romance story will enjoy this book.” –Karen Walpole for Readers’ Favorite Player-manager Rory Fitzgerald’s 1891 Richmond Elite Professional Baseball Club enjoys an abundance of talent …

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