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Oct 10

How Did Paul L. Thompson Set Himself Up To Have Western Success After Success After Success?

    Seventy-six books later and Paul L. Thompson is still burning up the charts. What is it that creates hot, hot, hot success like Thompson’s? I get asked that question all the time. What makes a Paul L. Thompson? What is that magic ingredient? The answer is—are you ready? The answer is… I repeat: …

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Oct 10

Brand New Releases From Dusty Saddle Publishing Mark The Beginning Of A Brand New Wave Of Hitmakers

    With a record sales year underway, Dusty Saddle Publishing is moving into the fourth quarter of the year with a brand new roster of hitmakers that should please Western readers throughout the winter months. One of these recent signings is Malcolm Hotzman—his first Dusty Saddle Publishing release will be called “Meet Indigo Jones” …

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Oct 08

From Harvey Wood: The Story Of Jim Cassidy: Four Complete Western Novels

Four great Western adventures from one of the leading Western authors in America! Ride along with outlaws, bandits and bounty hunters— and watch them all learn right from wrong… the hard way! Last night I dreamed I went to Hillbilly Heaven. And you know who greeted me at the gate? The ole cowboy-philosopher himself, Will …

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Oct 07

“The Broken Halo of Hobe Lett: A Western Adventure” From Jim Burnett! Coming Soon!

Come ride along with the pistol-shooting, Bible-quoting brothers who bring their own brand of twisted justice across the West. Albert and Hobe Lett were raised in a minister’s home, but when their father dies prematurely of a heart attack, they become mad at the world, especially church folks who they feel are the real culprits …

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Oct 03

The First Steps That Led To “Second Hand Colt” Becoming The Number One Western on Amazon!

  Lately we have seen the great success of a brand new author—George M. Goodwin. George, who has been writing for years, scored a brand new hit with “Second Hand Colt” that was leveraged into turning his back catalogue into bestsellers. As of today, George M. Goodwin occupies several places on the bestseller chart, including …

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Oct 02

Kirkus Reviews Magazine Features Scott Harris And His Tremendous New Western Series!

What an honor and a thrill for Scott Harris to find Stagecoach Willy: 600 Bloody Miles, has been positively reviewed and highlighted in the October issue of “Kirkus Reviews” magazine! You can read the review here and you can purchase your copy of this great new Western by clicking here!  

Sep 30

Heading To Market On Thursday: Freckled Fury: The First, Second And Third Westerns In The “The Freckled Venom Series”

Ride with the first three Western adventures in “The Freckled Venom Series” from Juliette Douglas! These award-winning Westerns will take you on a journey—a journey you’ll want to take time, and time again! Book One: Meet Lacy, a renowned bounty hunter, often sought after for the most dangerous cases. She is tougher than some of …

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Sep 25

“The Legend of Jake Jackson: The Last Of The Great Gunfighters: Book Three” Is Now Available From William H. Joiner!

  The third book in this bestselling Western series from William H. Joiner, Jr. Jake Jackson was a legend in the Old West. His ability with a gun was unmatched. His name brought hope to the oppressed and sent shivers of fear up the spines of outlaws. Jake Jackson was equally as revered among the …

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Sep 24

“Coyote Junction: Exciting Adventures From Nine Great Storytellers” Available Now!

  I woke up as we pulled into Coyote Junction and couldn’t believe it as I saw them walk onto the train. Following up on the tremendous success of the first two books in the Western Adventure Series: Grizzly Creek Runs Red and The Last Comanche, comes the best one yet—Coyote Junction! Nine fast paced …

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Sep 18

An Exclusive Look At “The Legend of Jake Jackson: Book Three” From William H. Joiner!

  An excerpt from the upcoming Jake 3 Dick Brunson the owner of the Circle B was flushed with anger, “McCabe, I hired you to stop cattle theft on my range! Instead I have evidence that you’re the one rustling my cows! What have you got to say for yourself?” Brunson was backed up by …

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