Monthly Archive: November 2019

Nov 12

The Brand New Western Adventure From William H. Joiner, Jr: “Angel Jacobs: Deputy U.S. Marshal”

The first Western in a brand-new series from William H. Joiner, Jr. This is action, adventure and gunplay as only Joiner can write it! Ride with the author who gave you “The Legend of Jake Jackson” and “Morgan Porter.” You won’t regret it! When she was 7 years old, Angel saw her father brutally murder …

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Nov 08

The Brand New Western Hit From Outlaws Publishing: “Tyler Purdom – Silver Eagle: A Classic Western Adventure” From James Scott!

    Tyler Purdom is a young man headed west with no destination in mind and no plans for what he was going to do when he got there.  He had two Kentucky horses, a Winchester rifle, Sam Colt’s .45 and wasn’t thinking of anything else, until a chance encounter with an Indian attack on …

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Nov 04

“Brock Clemons Westerns: Coyote Courage” Is Now Available From Scott Harris!

A brand-new special edition reissue of the first, and most famous, series of Western novels from Scott Harris. These special editions include updated forewords, added content and much, much more! The story of Brock Clemons is a tale of bravery, adventure and romance, and will transport readers back to a time when chivalry, courage and …

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Nov 01

Back To The Number One Position For C. Wayne Winkle And The Fifth Book In His “Searcher” Western Series!

  The fifth book in the “Searcher” series from C. Wayne Winkle has hit the top! What’s the book about? Building a ranch in new country is a chancy thing. There are problems galore; some of those problems can turn deadly. Ten, Lolotea, and his pa, Wes, find this to be true in Wyoming. After …

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