Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 22

(PART 1) Wish You Knew About Writing? Ask The Pros! Tim Flanagan and MJ Summers Reveal Secrets!

Good times are ahead when Tim Flanagan and MJ Summers get together to talk about books A new eight-part series will be hitting YouTube over the next few weeks. The show is called “Authors Q&A” and its purpose is to discuss different elements of the book world. Tim Flanagan and MJ Summers are well known …

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May 17


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: NICK WALE EMAIL: NICK@NICKWALE.ORG   BESTSELLING AUTHOR AND FILM MAKER FUMI HANCOCK UP FOR AWARD AS WELL AS HER MOVIE “”OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE”   (Prague, Czech Republic) Bestselling author Princess Fumi Hancock has been nominated and currently looks set to win “favorite screenwriter” at the African NAFCA awards. This comes on …

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May 16

Spain Has Talent: Author Jana Petken Reveals All….

JANA PETKEN TELLS ALL ABOUT HER NEW SMASH HIT “THE GUARDIAN OF SECRETS” About This Interview Jana Petken is a talented writer who currently resides in Spain. She chose a hard genre when she became a writer and it’s only fair that we give her a great interview. What makes her stand above other writers? …

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May 13

PRESS RELEASE: Bestselling Author Princess Fumi Hancock Set To Celebrate 1 Year of Her Show

Contact: Nick Wale Email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   BESTSELLING AUTHOR PRINCESS FUMI HANCOCK LOOKS SET TO CELEBRATE HER ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY IN STYLE WITH NEW INTERVIEW, BOOK AND MOVIE. (Prague, Czech Republic) Bestselling author Princess Fumi Hancock is set to celebrate the one year anniversary of her very successful YouTube TV show “Princess in Surburbia.” …

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May 10

An Interview With Children’s Author Olga D’Agostino

Olga D’Agostino (or MRS. D. as you may know her) is a bestselling author of children’s books and short stories. Her books are enjoyed by children the world over, and she has just released her first short story entitled, “The Little Girl Praying on the Hill.” Her bestselling children’s book, “The Trees Have Hearts,” will …

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May 09

PRESS RELEASE: Flanagan Flies Past The Post With His New Release

Contact: Nick Wale Email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BESTSELLING AUTHOR TIM FLANAGAN SCORES ANOTHER BESTSELLING WRITING GUIDE WITH THE SECOND VOLUME OF “FROM FEET TO FICTION.”   (Prague, Czech Republic) Tim Flanagan scores another hit with the second volume of his writing guide “From Feet To Fiction.” Sales for the second volume were strong enough …

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May 06

Meet Boyd Lemon! He Has A Free Gift For You!

Dictionary Definition BOYD LEMON: A man of integrity with writing talent. Intellectual, thoughtful, interesting and creative.   1. Night owl or early bird? I became an early bird with the birth of my second child and have been ever since. After dinner, I can’t seem to accomplish anything productive, but I am usually quite productive …

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May 05

An Evening with Princess Fumi Hancock

  The time has come! This is the interview you have all been waiting for. Bestselling author Princess Fumi Hancock shares her words of wisdom– and what words of wisdom they are! This interview is one of the most interesting I have ever had the pleasure of sharing with you all… Enjoy! How did you …

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