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Jun 13

Dead Mans Party: The Haunting World of G. Michael Vasey

    The paranormal is a strange, unknown thing. This interview is with G. Michael Vasey. A writer who spends much of his time documenting cases of the paranormal. His books on the subject have been some of the most popular written in the last few years. This interview will be all about his experiences. …

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May 23

A Trilogy of Aviation: An Interview with Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan could be described as a “living legend.” In a world where everyone is a legend, we have to take that title with a grain of salt. Let me explain how Mike actually fits that title. Mike Trahan followed his dream to become a pilot. He had true grit and fought all the obstacles …

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Dec 17

Author and Artist Judy Mastrangelo Delves into the World of Books and Art

  Have you always been focused in a particular area with your artwork? I’ve always been fascinated with Fantasy art. Recently my focus is on this genre exclusively. Why did you want to go into creating fantasy-based art? Is this kind of art a passion for you? Yes, it is my passion and my happiness. …

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Nov 18

Denise Barry Rewrites the Tooth Fairy for Kids

What does the Tooth Fairy do with our teeth? What a good question and one clever kids have been asking for ages! Until now, there has never been an answer that comes close to revealing just how playful, creative and clumsy the Tooth Fairy can be! Oh, and let’s not forget naughty. Yes, the Tooth …

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Aug 27

Selling Your Way To The Top: Self-Publishing

My name is Nick Wale and I happen to have created 8 number one bestselling books over the past couple of months.  The nature of the book world today is simple. Overpopulation. That’s not to say that the overpopulated book world isn’t populated with quality– it is in many cases. I just mean to say …

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Jul 30

Roth Returns With Sophie Knox…

The      NEW             Terrence Roth                   Novel is here………..      

Jul 05

Lifting The Veil: Tom Ufert Meets Michael Haden

Michael Haden and Tom Ufert both know the side effects of drinking and driving. Most importantly, they both know the side effects from addiction. Now, Tom Ufert,, author, politician and advocate will explain he has struggled with addictions. His addictions to sex, drugs and drink did not hinder his career—but they did change his life. …

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Jun 30

“I Don’t Stand For Handicap Jokes,” Tom Ufert Jives

I wanted to interview Tom Ufert by himself as fan mail told me that his first interview with Cliff Roberts was probably the most successful interview I have ever been a part of. The hits were numerous, and many people thought Tom couldn’t beat that. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to take part in a …

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May 26

Say NO To Drink Driving… Take Away The Keys….

I wanted to interview Michael Haden about his work with MADD. I think it’s important for people to realise the danger of drink driving. I, myself, have always been a great believer in taking away the keys before the damage is done. Michael explains in this interview how one of his most hopeful students was …

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May 05

Rave Reviews for Haden!

Michael Haden could well be the most underground writer in the world. He has sold many thousands of copies of his first book… THOUSANDS of copies… Yet, it’s still amazing to hear that he isn’t touted as one of the bestsellers of the year. His television performances have been well received- but he isn’t a …

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