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For The Whole Family: The Star Podcast With Judy Mastrangelo: A New Activity Book For All Ages!

   Judy Mastrangelo discusses her new paperback “The Star.” A brand new book the whole family will enjoy. You can learn more about Judy Mastrangelo by visiting her website at You can purchase “The Star” from Amazon by clicking this link!

Painting with Words: An Interview with Artist Judy Mastrangelo

If a picture paints a thousand words then Judy Mastrangelo must have written tens of thousands of books. This interview is with a talented artist who has turned her attention to the book world. Her beautifully illustrated Children’s books have been well received and this interview should give you a taste of her talent… Let’s begin! Good morning! …

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Award Winning Free Download & Artwork

Quick post just to tell you that the award winning book Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook Vol 1 & 2 is currently FREE to download on kindle from Amazon until Friday 13 Feb. “The light hearted, but charming antics of teenage detective Lawrence Pinkley will strike a chord with anyone, young or old…” “It would be a …

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The Children’s Author Explains All…. Meet Dennis Gager!

Dennis Gager has arrived and is one of the leading Children’s authors of the moment. His first book, “Billy Rabbit’s Halloween Adventure,” hit the bestseller listings and the newest book,”Billy Rabbit Saves Christmas,” looks likely to do the same. Enjoy the interview– then enjoy the books with your kids! It’s Christmas… A time for sharing! …

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Author and Artist Judy Mastrangelo Delves into the World of Books and Art

  Have you always been focused in a particular area with your artwork? I’ve always been fascinated with Fantasy art. Recently my focus is on this genre exclusively. Why did you want to go into creating fantasy-based art? Is this kind of art a passion for you? Yes, it is my passion and my happiness. …

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For Immediate Release Contact: Nick Wale Email:   AWARD-WINNING CHILDREN’S AUTHOR MOVES 2000 BOOKS IN UNDER ONE WEEK ILLUSTRATED CHILDREN’S BOOK HITS #3 ON THE BESTSELLER LISTING (Prague, Czech Republic) Bestselling children’s author MRS. D hit commercial gold in April when her award-winning children’s book “The Trees Have Hearts” moved almost 2000 units over …

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Making Susannah Run! Author Susannah Cord on the Record

Good children’s authors are a rare commodity. Susannah Cord is one of those rare children’s authors. Her book “Fenella: A Fable of a Fairy Afraid To Fly” is a really special book. “Fenella”  is a beautiful young fairy with a wonderful family and a perfect life – except for one thing. Unlike the other fairies …

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Denise Barry Rewrites the Tooth Fairy for Kids

What does the Tooth Fairy do with our teeth? What a good question and one clever kids have been asking for ages! Until now, there has never been an answer that comes close to revealing just how playful, creative and clumsy the Tooth Fairy can be! Oh, and let’s not forget naughty. Yes, the Tooth …

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#Competition! Your Chance To Win A Brand New #KindleFireHD!

Would you like to win a brand new KINDLE FIRE HD just in time for the holidays?? Join the Tooth Fairy here at White Buffalo Books as we celebrate the success of the newly released children’s picture book ‘What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth?’ by Denise Barry.  It is climbing up the bestsellers list, and we want to …

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Radio Ga Ga! Nick Wale Interviews Author Angela Harris

Angela Harris is the host of perhaps one of the most interesting Internet radio book shows around. I have been a guest on the show and I think that, although she would probably deny this out of modesty, her show has the best guests and some of the best co-hosts around. Two of my favourite …

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