June 2021 archive

“Abilene” From Scott Harris Breaks Into The Top One Hundred Causing One Of Those Sales Avalanches!

A brand new boom for Scott Harris has started with “Abilene” now inside the top one hundred, “Deadly Trails” in and out of the top one hundred and a host of other Harris happy hour hits moving towards the top one hundred. This avalanche shows just how important those constant releases are to keeping the …

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Thunder On The Bestseller Charts As DSP Hitmakers Led By C. Wayne Winkle Take Over With Uniformity

I was on the phone a few days ago with my dentist who asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I sold Western novels. He asked me what I did for a day job, and I told him to check his email. I had sent him a link to the …

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Western Bestseller Charles Ray Makes His First Appearance On The Pepper Stewart Show!

Find A Formula… Stick With The Formula And Keep Selling Those Westerns!

Last night, I was indulging in some nostalgia from my childhood. My mother is a huge fan of the British pop singer Billy Fury, and his records were constantly on in our home. Now, Billy was a formula guy. He started off with rockabilly but struck upon a vein of gold with a series of …

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