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The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer

This isn’t just another author interview. This is an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes upbringing of Robert Watson. Robert, sailor, author, father, lover, friend and living, breathing history. I wanted to know what made him the man he is today. What were his cultural experiences? What did he see? Hear? Do? Let’s find out… A) …

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The Pea Green Sea: Robert J. Watson Returns!

Robert J. Watson has one of those distinctive stories. The kind of story that leads one to wonder “how come this guy hasn’t written a biography already?” The truth is, we are writing a biography of sorts. This kind of interview series can be pieced together to create the history of an artist. So, let’s …

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A Hypo In The Bum: Author Robert J. Watson Lets It Out

Sometimes as an interviewer you have to follow your gut. The “gut” is the number one source of advice you could ever hope for. You can hear it churning away if you listen carefully. It will tell you what will work. It will tell you what won’t work. It will let you in on secrets, …

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