Monthly Archive: January 2020

Jan 31

Cherokee Parks Hits The Top: “The Trader” Leaps To Number One On The Western Bestseller Chart

Cherokee Parks, one of the major hitmakers for DS Productions, has scored the NUMBER ONE bestselling position in America with his latest Western “The Trader.” Parks, who has been racking up the hits for years now… has now scored his first chart topper. This is also the first NUMBER ONE bestseller for DS Productions in …

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Jan 28

Thompson, Joiner, Fie, Winkle, Harris And Parks Lead The Way With Bestsellers Through January 2020

The slowest sales month of the year kicked off with a bang for Western authors, with a series of hit novels from some of the genre’s greatest exponents. Leading the way, Paul L. Thompson scooped up the number one position with his “You Shot Me Once! – Never Again!” smash—the seventy-ninth book in his long-running …

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Jan 23

Western Bestseller Scott Harris Interviewed On The Leo Affects Podcast!

Jan 20

The Three C’s Creates Number One Sales Success For Paul L. Thompson

A brand new year is upon us—and a brand new year brings new opportunity and successes. Western hits will be created, sold and enjoyed this year. Brand new authors will be introduced—but one new constant seems to have remained: Paul L. Thompson, the Western author who seems to be a perennial, and that perennial has …

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Jan 17

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Chart Neighbourhood: Twenty-Five Westerns In The Top Fifty

Sometimes it’s so incredible to see the way readers react to books. Did anyone think, four years ago, that brand new Western authors could dominate the bestseller chart? I’m not sure… but I think it’s fantastic that so much new talent has been developed, and is currently being enjoyed by so many people. Twenty-five books …

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Jan 15

Scott Harris Strikes At The Top With His Latest Western Smash “Renegades”

The latest blockbuster bestseller from Scott Harris— this is “Renegade,” a brand new Western with all the traditional excitement you can’t get enough of! It’s been more than a year since the last (6th) Brock Clemons Western, and Harris has finally returned to his favorite characters and the world he built in Dry Springs, the …

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Jan 13

The Tremendous Secret Behind the Success of Western Seller William H. Joiner, Jr.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy, patience and foresight to make a career out of Western novels. For every hitmaker, there is a story to be told; and for everyone who flopped, there’s a lesson to be learned. There’s always a story unique to the author—but this article is about an unknown author who …

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Jan 13

Kicking Off The New Year With Five Westerns Riding High Inside The Top Ten Bestseller List!

Well, a brand new book selling year has started! Let’s take a look at this fresh round of bestsellers filling the top ten. At number ten, we have “Jake Ritter” from C. Wayne Winkle. This is one of two Winkle smashes on the bestseller chart. At number nine, we have “When Justice is Done” from …

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Jan 09

A Brand New Western Wordslinger Heads To Town: Meet Western Bestseller Chris Lord!

You just never can tell who will storm the barn and hit the bestseller chart when a brand-new western talent comes to town. This interview is with Chris Lord. His first Western is currently riding high in the top one hundred with readers around the world discovering a brand-new talent. That first book is called …

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