Monthly Archive: May 2020

May 19

Steps For Success: How Western Author ‘Big’ Jim Williams Went From Low Sales To The Top One Hundred!

Many of you will have noticed the great success of ‘Big’ Jim Williams and have been asking how he went from zero to the top one hundred with TWO books in such a short time span. I decided that process might be something worth sitting down and discussing. Now, take notes… you can try this …

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May 11

Avoiding The Snake Pit: Five Pitfalls Western Authors Can’t Afford To Face

I have the unique job of being able to look inside the mind of authors and see what they’re thinking. This blog article is about cracking open skulls and letting you stare inside to take look at some of the ways authors have cheated themselves out of success. As we stand in the middle of …

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May 05

“Gundown At Stillwater: A U.S. Marshal Timber And Jedidiah Justice Western Adventure” Scores Chart Action!

Another month. Another month inside the top one hundred. This is Casey Nash… one of the authors currently making gains on the bestseller chart with his first Western “Gundown at Stillwater.” Have you caught your copy yet? Directives of the Marshal: Protect the innocent; Uphold the law; Stamp out illegality. The long-awaited new Western adventure …

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May 01

“An Eye For An Eye: A Jake Silverhorn Arizona Justice Novel” Strikes At The Heart Of The Top Twenty For ‘Big’ Jim Williams!

“An Eye For An Eye” is the latest ‘Big’ Jim Williams Western success currently sitting inside the top twenty. This one has really caught the attention of readers! Congratulations, Jim! Some would call him a lawman. Others would call him justice. Some folks would say he’s a vigilante. A few would call him a cold-blooded …

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