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Feb 27

An Exclusive From “Westerner” Magazine: An Interview With Hollywood Icon Alex Cord

There are so many times in my life that I expected one thing and received something completely different. This feeling pervaded when I finished a phone interview with author Alex Cord today. Many of us know Mr. Cord through his work in television and movies. What we are finding out is that Alex is a …

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Jan 24

Meet The New Western Superpowers: Actor Alex Cord & Author Mike Hundley Release Their First Interview

An exclusive interview with veteran actor and Western author Alex Cord and Virginian Western author Mike Hundley. This interview is one of those rare combinations that come together only after a lot of telephone calls, hounding and blatant salesmanship. This is an interview that combines the best of the Western world in one easy-to-read package. …

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Jul 20

High Moon: at Hacienda del Diablo Is The New Western From Airwolf’s Alex Cord

From movie star to TV star to award-winning author, Alex Cord has done it all. His new book has taken him back to his roots– the Western. When Alex was asked to write a Western, it didn’t dawn on him how popular this decision would turn out to be. Western readers are still a force …

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May 12

“Airwolf” Star Alex Cord Takes Off With “A Feather in the Rain” Riding High on the Charts

With an appearance at the Memphis Film Festival imminent, and a new Western rumored to be on the way, this interview with Alex Cord will bring us up-to-date. Alex is currently riding high on Amazon with his second book, “A Feather in the Rain,” which won awards and gathered acclaim from around the world. He …

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Oct 12

Young, Brash and Cocky: Nick Wale Interviewed By Simon Duringer

(Reblogged from Simon Duringers website.) For those who don’t recognise the name, you should…. Novel Reads by Novel Ideas is the Bestselling E-Zine run by Britain’s very own PR and Promotions expert to the Indie world of publishing; The Very Expert Nick Wale. With a handsome list of clientele extending across the seven seas, Nick …

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Sep 25

Some Novel News…

Dear Friends, I hope you have had a wonderful month. I just wanted to write and tell you why I have been absent from this site for a week or so… Things have been crazy over here at Novel Ideas, and I will be replying to all your emails and letters over the next few …

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Jul 24

Nick Wale Meets Hollywood Legend Alex Cord

As a kid, growing up in the nineties, TV was the thing. I still remember Saturday afternoons. The smell of the wind on the rain. The incessant chatter between my parents– and the coolest show of the time, on the TV, in front of me. The show was called “Airwolf” and my favourite character was …

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Apr 17

Cowboy Acting, Writing and Timber Creeks: Ken Farmer Profiled

As an actor you are creating with every living breath. Ken Farmer is a guy who has been creating characters and breathing life into the written word for many years. What happens when an actor becomes a writer? Well, sometimes guys like Dirk Bogarde make it. Sometimes they don’t. Ken Farmer made it, and he …

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