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May 27

When Will “Lone Wolf” Hit? An Interview with Western Writer Weldon Shaw

Since his retirement, Weldon has had two novels published and set for release in 2015—“Pachuco” (historical fiction) and “The Rise And Fall Of Our Youth” (self-help). He enjoys writing fiction/ romance novels. He believes this gives him the ability to share his inner self and feelings about life with other people. Currently, he is working …

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May 05

Painting, Writing, Creating: An Interview with the Very Talented Judy Mastrangelo

Artist and author Judy Mastrangelo recently announced that she will be moving her art into several new and exciting projects. These new products will be developed from her artwork, which is in her new Poetry Ebooks, recently published on Kindle. Judy has also been working on a brand new series of podcasts that have been received with warmth …

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May 26

Say NO To Drink Driving… Take Away The Keys….

I wanted to interview Michael Haden about his work with MADD. I think it’s important for people to realise the danger of drink driving. I, myself, have always been a great believer in taking away the keys before the damage is done. Michael explains in this interview how one of his most hopeful students was …

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May 22

FREE…. FREE…. FREE…. Northrup FREE!

“J.W… You can’t give away another book….” “I sure can,” J.W. replied. He did, and it’s a stomper! For the next few days “Running a Marathon with the Runs” by J.W. Northrup is TOTALLY FREE!!!   Synopsis The first signs of the diarrhea began at the six mile mark. It is feeling every marathoner dreads. …

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Apr 29

The Desert Writer: Mark Biskeborn Uncloaked

Mark Biskeborn is a writer I have reviewed before. I have never interviewed him, and I thought it was about time I got him here on my site for some questioning. It was on my mind for a few days, what would I ask a guy who had written some terrific books? Mark is known …

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Apr 22

Writers Block? What Is That? Buck Stienke Profiled

  Buck Stienke is a writer you seldom see interviewed alone. I know Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer as a team, but I interviewed them separately to profile them as individuals. Together they have written a series of bestsellers without using the techniques long associated with selling books in the modern age. They do not …

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Apr 10


J.W. Northrup and I had a chat the other day. He was writing as usual as we started the interview. J.W. is always writing, and his concentration face is always stern. He is becoming aware of his own talents as people read his blog and listen to his words. Anyway, I sat down and bided …

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Apr 07

“You will never catch my ass over a jungle in a C-47.”

Excerpt from The Gift Part 2 – The Air Force Years   Flying over the jungle in a C-47 “It was during this last combat mission that I remembered something I promised myself when I was twelve years old. The promise had to do with the old Tarzan and other Jungle movies I watched back …

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Apr 02

Radio Ga Ga! Nick Wale Interviews Author Angela Harris

Angela Harris is the host of perhaps one of the most interesting Internet radio book shows around. I have been a guest on the show and I think that, although she would probably deny this out of modesty, her show has the best guests and some of the best co-hosts around. Two of my favourite …

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Mar 31

Ten Minutes With Author J.W. Northrup…

I caught busy J.W. Northrup for a few minutes to delve into his mind for this interview about his new book. It’s hard to pin a man like J.W down, but I managed to and we spent a good few minutes talking about his upcoming release The Gold Slaves. I am not really used to …

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