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Jul 03

How Western Authors Have Been Leading The Way With Innovative Projects, Promotion And Ever-Growing Sales

Well, friends, we are past the halfway mark of the year 2018, and what a year it has been. Ever-increasing Western sales, fascinating stories, a host of new talent who are writing Westerns, and a year for innovation in the genre. Innovation? How did this innovation come about? Well, it all came from a few …

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Nov 21

Novel Ideas Client G.P. Hutchinson Scores Gold With “Strong Suspicions”

Not only did G.P. Hutchinson score one of the biggest #Western hits of the year… He also just picked up the The Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards 2016 GOLD MEDAL for Fiction – Western! Congratulations G.P. Hutchinson! This is a fantastic achievement and I’m very proud of you! Enjoy Miami! Readers’ Favorite has become the …

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Oct 03

Celebrate A Whole Month of Western Bestseller John D. Fie. Jr With A FREE BOOK!

When it comes to Westerns…. You will have heard of John D. Fie. Jr… A writer who has been at the top for almost a year now. 2016 has been an exciting year for Fie… with a host of bestsellers, a milestone celebration with his publishing company… and NOW a whole month of celebration of …

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Sep 29

The Exciting Western Writing World of P.W. Burroughs

This interview is going to be interesting. Why? Because we are going to meet a guy who narrates books… and writes Westerns… How about that for a combination? It’s been done before– but nobody can deny that it takes a suitcase filled with talent to pull together than combination. This P.W. Burroughs… and you may …

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Sep 26

King of the Wild West Frontier: An Interview with Western Super-Seller Bruce G. Bennett

Bruce. G. Bennett is one of the most successful Western authors of 2016, so far. His Westerns have been racing up the bestseller charts. I want you to use your imagination for a few moments. Imagine for a few minutes that you are back in the Old West. A stagecoach has arrived in town, and you …

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Aug 23

Can You Outsell Fie? An Interview With “Million Dollar” Western Author John D. Fie. Jr

This interview is with John D. Fie. Jr. The man who has helped put the Western back on top. His first two Westerns have both been bestsellers, and he has received sales awards from his publishing company Outlaws Publishing. But what does it really take to be a bestseller? Have you always wanted to know? …

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Aug 18

The Western Author Who Thrills Readers Around The World: An Interview With G.P. Hutchinson

Have you been looking for a new Western series to cherish? How about checking out one of the most successful Western authors of today… G.P. Hutchinson. Success, if you can get it, is something to be cherished. G.P. Hutchinson has been at the top of the Western tree for some time now. His first book, …

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Aug 11

Top Western Book Cover Designer Kevin Diamond Discusses Working On Alex Cord’s “High Moon” Bestseller

To celebrate the release of the new Alex Cord Western, “High Moon,” we thought it would be great to put together an interview with the designer behind that great new Cord cover. His name is Kevin Diamond, and he has been working on a number of covers for some of the biggest names in the …

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May 25

The Long and Winding Trail: An Interview with Western Writing Star E.C. Herbert

E.C. Herbert, better known as Al, was brought up in Laconia, New Hampshire. His favorite childhood game, cowboys and Indians, inspired a lifelong love of the Old West and its history. His favorite author is Ralph Cotton. He and his wife, Marion, live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This exclusive interview with E.C should explain why …

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May 12

“Airwolf” Star Alex Cord Takes Off With “A Feather in the Rain” Riding High on the Charts

With an appearance at the Memphis Film Festival imminent, and a new Western rumored to be on the way, this interview with Alex Cord will bring us up-to-date. Alex is currently riding high on Amazon with his second book, “A Feather in the Rain,” which won awards and gathered acclaim from around the world. He …

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