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May 19

Voyage avec Boyd Lemon et son nouveau livre

Bonjour! This interview with Boyd Lemon is all about travel! Boyd has spent much of his retirement travelling around the world. What would it be like to live in Paris? How would the weather in Tuscany suit you? I think we should find out from someone who really knows… Take us on a trip, Boyd! …

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May 06

Meet Boyd Lemon! He Has A Free Gift For You!

Dictionary Definition BOYD LEMON: A man of integrity with writing talent. Intellectual, thoughtful, interesting and creative.   1. Night owl or early bird? I became an early bird with the birth of my second child and have been ever since. After dinner, I can’t seem to accomplish anything productive, but I am usually quite productive …

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Jan 18

Boyd Lemon Squeezes Emotional Juices Into A Fiction Book

Boyd Lemon is an author you may or may not have heard of. Boyd has written several bestsellers and his latest one is called “A Long Way To Contentment.” Lemon has also just broken a record– he is the first author to give away a current bestseller for $0.99 simply because he wants people to …

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Jan 14

My Evening With Martin Luther King By Author Boyd Lemon

As we approach the birthday of Martin Luther King– I wanted to post something to acknowledge that he along with Paul Robeson did so much for African- American relations. I was talking to Boyd Lemon who had witnessed a King speech in person and this blog article was born.    Ever since Martin Luther King …

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Oct 17

The Real Don Draper Profiled…

How many of you have seen the TV show “Mad Men?” I would place a hefty bet to say that the majority of you have at least glanced at a show that could be described as one of the hottest of recent years. Advertising executives, lawyers, architects, journalists, recording artists were all part of perhaps …

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Oct 04

“I’ll Be Damned,” Remarks Hitmaker Boyd Lemon

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Boyd Lemon remarked when his latest promotional campaign pushed his bestselling novel “Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages” into the higher reaches of the bestseller listings. It was just a natural occurrence though for those of us working the Lemon campaign. Boyd is the ultimate professional writer– not working for …

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Sep 25

Paxil generic

Dear Friends, I hope you have had a wonderful month. I just wanted to write and tell you why I have been absent from this site for a week or so… Things have been crazy over here at Novel Ideas, and I will be replying to all your emails and letters over the next few …

Paxil generic

Sep 11

The Real “Mad Men” Revealed…

A NEW and EXPLOSIVE autobiography from Boyd Lemon has arrived!   Meet the REAL “Mad Men” and give the TV show a miss…   Boyd Lemon’s new biography blows the lid off a whole era of executive businessmen, corporate business and excessive living. Join Boyd as he takes you through the endless money, ideas and …

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Sep 09

Free E-zine and a Thankyou

Dear Friends, I would like to tell you about a new “E-zine” we have put together here at Novel Ideas. An E-zine that will hopefully bring some interesting authors to your attention. This E-zine is currently free until Thursday and has a whole host of interviews from all kinds of writers from all over the …

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Apr 30

The Verdict: The Legal Eagles Meet!

This isn’t Perry Mason, folks! I have gathered together two of the finest legal minds of their time for a conversation. I wanted to ask the questions that nobody dares ask a lawyer. Things like… Do you feel a sense of power? What does it feel like to be in the top leagues of one …

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