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Jul 16

Western Writing Star Cobb Questions Reviews: “What Is the Gold Standard for Accuracy in Westerns?”

What is the “Gold Standard” when it comes to accuracy in Westerns? All authors of Westerns—of course, myself included—strive to be as historically accurate as they can, even though they are writing novels and not works of nonfiction, biographies or autobiographies. There is a lot of “wiggle room” for authors of Westerns, and rightly so, …

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Jul 13

Announcing A Brand-New Western Novel From GP Hutchinson

FROM DUSTY SADDLE PUBLISHING COMING IN LATE AUGUST 2018     Cimarron Jack Wheatley is just wrapping up a tremendously successful first tour with his very own highly acclaimed “Real Wild West Extravaganza” when his show is stricken by a rapid succession of oddly coincidental setbacks—injuries, formerly satisfied troupe members quitting, and then a catastrophic …

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Jul 11

Six Bullets To Sundown: Volume 13: Now Available For Western Readers

Action, adventure, danger and love come at a high cost on the range. With gun in hand, a bounty hunter can make a name for himself, a sheriff can keep law and order, and a rancher can hold onto his property. With gun in hand, a man must make his mark in the wilderness of …

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Jul 10

New Western Release: “Jackson Sutton: An Assassin To Kill For” Is Now Available For Pre-Order

The highly anticipated follow up to the top ten bestseller “A Sheriff To Kill For” has now been made available for pre-order! This is one Western you won’t want to miss! Jackson Sutton had always been the brother who went his own way. After cutting a bloody swath of revenge across the Texas territory with …

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Jul 06

Fie, Hanlon And Dusty Saddle Publishing Are… The Guns of U.S. Lawmen

Five of the biggest authors have been pulled together to create the new Dusty Saddle Publishing anniversary collection! It’s been two years of great success– so now you can get five great novels for the price of one! From The Collection: “Dusty Saddle Publishing is a Western publishing house devoted to one thing—great Western stories. …

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Jun 22

Million-Page-Read Western Author Harris Interviews Million-Page-Read Western Author Hutchinson: Forum Featuring Western Writer GP Hutchinson

June is turning into the month of Hutchinson glory! GP Hutchinson scored a number one western bestseller earlier this week. Now, Scott Harris, has featured Mister Hutchinson on his website. This exclusive interview will allow readers to discover a different side of one of the great western writers today! When — and why — did …

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Jun 21

Cherokee Parks Strikes Western Hitsville With “The Passage of Time”

A few months ago… a western novel called “The Passage of Time” was released by Dusty Saddle Publishing. The author? Cherokee Parks. Cherokee has racked up hit, after hit, after hit for the company but “The Passage of Time” just didn’t take off… very quickly. In fact… several months later it has now hit the …

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Jun 14

“The Return of Shorty Thompson” Released To Instant Western Success

Dusty Saddle Publishing released the second volume of it’s popular “Shorty U.S. Marshal” series yesterday. An outstanding achievement that pays tribute to one of the greatest Western authors of our time—Paul L. Thompson. From that book I republish with permission the introduction… “How surprised we were! The first volume of “Shorty: U.S. Marshal” was such …

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Jun 11

The Great Success of Western Hitmaker GP Hutchinson: An Interview and Profile

Have you been looking for a new Western novel to cherish? How about checking out one of the most successful Western authors of today… G.P. Hutchinson. Success, if you can get it, is something to be cherished. G.P. Hutchinson has been at the top of the Western tree for some time now. His first book, “Strong Convictions,” …

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May 31

King of the Western Frontier: Bestselling Western Author Robert Hanlon Explains All

Robert Hanlon– that’s a name many Western readers are familiar with. Why? Because he’s one of the biggest names in the Western book business. His first big western hit “Clint Cain – The Texan Avenger” has recently been reissued. Why the need for a reissue? “Well,” Hanlon explains. “I wanted to make some changes.” Let’s …

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