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Jun 01

The Memoir Man: An Interview With Aviator & Author Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan, pilot, father, and author, has been writing books for some years now. His series of memoirs has now been completed and has been on the market for some time now. The series’ success has been a mix of understanding his audience, knowing how to write without incurring boredom, and being able to relate exciting …

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May 18

Taking Over The Nation: An Interview with the Latest Western ‘King’ Seth Nation

If you are asked about a man named Seth Nation—you may not instantly recognize his name. Yet, Seth Nation, is one of the true contenders for the top spot. Why? Because he’s a very talented author. He is one of the true embodiment’s of Western writing. This interview is with Seth Nation. It’s his first, but won’t be …

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Sep 29

A Return Flight With Author Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan could be described as a “living legend.” In a world where everyone is a legend, we have to take that title with a grain of salt. Let me explain how Mike actually fits that title. Mike Trahan followed his dream to become a pilot. He had true grit and fought all the obstacles …

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Mar 31

Meet Author Mike Trahan and Take A Lesson In Life

My buddy Mike Trahan sometimes sits and tells me stories. I like his stories. He has a style all of his own and has a life worth hearing about. Now, in the book world, there are thousands of people with interesting stories writing memoirs every day of the week. What sets Mike Trahan apart? I …

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Nov 19

Author Mike Trahan Explains The Gift

The title “The Gift” comes from a poem I wrote about my first flight and my first solo later on. The poem is also entitled “The Gift” and it states that I consider my love of flying as a gift from God, because it gave me a direction for my life. The book title came …

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Jun 24

“Come Fly With Me!” Mike Trahan Teases

Check out Mike Trahan’s flying log! The flying ace has been around. You’ve read “The Gift”, “The Gift: Part 2:The Air Force Years” and now come fly with Mike as he takes us on a whirlwind live interview… Takeoff from Orange, Texas: Never found the flying better, Texas under the winds, with a soft, breezy …

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Jun 10

“It Isn’t Just About Me,” Explains Bestselling Author Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan only gets excited when something really exciting happens. That Sunday night when he messaged me directly, excitedly asking if I was around, told me that it was something big…. It was a review. Not just ANY review… A REAL REVIEW! It was one of those reviews that tells you your work is making …

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Jun 08

A Portrait In Success by Mike Trahan

I was reading an interview Mike undertook with another blog. His words were so powerfuland I wanted to share them with you all. I think we all have a lot to learn from an experienced member of the community like Mike. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to read his book The Gift. …

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May 30

The Gift Part Two Got E-Booked!

The wait is over! The second volume of Mike Trahan’s highly acclaimed biographical series is now available on Kindle! Have you been waiting for this moment? I know I have! E-readers around the world can now travel with a copy of one of the most interesting books written about the Vietnam War… You can get …

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May 24

Why I Will Take The Whole Summer To Write My Next Book….

Mike Trahan, Texan, American, Writer, Father, Pilot, Veteran etc gave me some of his time yesterday. He has already released two books this year, both of which, were considered to be exciting releases. I heard from his publishing team that he had a third on it’s way… A THIRD? I wanted to know more… “I …

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