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May 11

King of the Wild Frontier: An Interview with Western Publisher J.C. Hulsey

This interview is with one of the leading western publishers of today. His name is J.C. Hulsey, and his publishing house “Outlaws Publishing” is currently having huge success with western authors from around the world. Names like Cliff Roberts, Dennis Gager, John D. Fie. Jr, Frank F. Fiore, Kenneth S. Pratt are household names to western …

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May 12

The Great E-Book Mystery….

I have a question for you… It’s not a political question. I am not asking you for money. I am not asking you to share your home with me. This isn’t a fashion question– I’m not asking if legwarmers are still acceptable. I just want to know… When will The Gold Slaves be available as …

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Apr 19

The Young Brit: J.W Northrup Interviews Nick Wale

A few weeks ago I was asked by a friendly bestseller J.W. Northrup to sit for an interview. I’m not averse to that at all. He caught me during a break from my usual schedule of interviews and posed some questions to me. I thought that was it… but, oh NO! The next day he …

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Mar 08

Bestseller! Nick Wale Interviews Sandra Carrington-Smith

Sandra Carrington-Smith has jumped into the big time. Her novel The Book of Obeah has become one of those once in a lifetime bestsellers that has jumped into the world of the movies. Since Obeah she has written a string of hit books each with its own golden sales halo. I have been waiting for …

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Feb 16

So You Want to Be an Illustrator? Nick Wale Grills George Vega

Publisher George Vega sat with me for the second part of his interview series. See Part I here. I had some questions already lined up, but we didn’t use those. George was too excited about Vegamation’s new release called Introducing…Vol 4. George explained that Vol 4 is a super project that took the creative talents …

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Jan 06

To Pay or Not to Pay– That is the Question.

Have you ever been approached by a blogger who asked you, as an author, to pay for an interview? Did you say no? Why did you say no? Because you don’t pay for interviews? Bloggers should work for free? Why? Nick Wale wonders why bloggers are asked to work for free. “I don’t pay for …

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Oct 16

Want a good publisher? Try Darrell Bennett!

On my travels I meet some very interesting people. I interview writers and publishers and every other interesting person I come across. However, I have a question for all of you out there: Do you have an inspirational manuscript? Have you been turned down? I know how that feels. I also know a guy who can …

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