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Nov 01

10-4 Flight with Author Steve Taylor

The stories in “Wheels Up” are not made up. They are the real deal, true antics of a jet age pilot in the high-octane environment of the cockpit. Some will give you pause and make you think, some will knock the wind out of you, and some will make you throw your head back and …

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Nov 15

Lester Van Huss and A Shattered Innocence

Lester Van Huss. A name you will soon enjoy on a regular basis. A writer, a creator and a man who knows that he has something to share with you all. I wanted to interview Lester and allow you all to meet him. Join us for a journey that will be remembered for a long, …

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May 30

The Gift Part Two Got E-Booked!

The wait is over! The second volume of Mike Trahan’s highly acclaimed biographical series is now available on Kindle! Have you been waiting for this moment? I know I have! E-readers around the world can now travel with a copy of one of the most interesting books written about the Vietnam War… You can get …

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Apr 07

“You will never catch my ass over a jungle in a C-47.”

Excerpt from The Gift Part 2 – The Air Force Years   Flying over the jungle in a C-47 “It was during this last combat mission that I remembered something I promised myself when I was twelve years old. The promise had to do with the old Tarzan and other Jungle movies I watched back …

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Mar 21

Trahan’s Gift WOWS Readers…

  A few weeks ago, I reviewed a book by writer Mike Trahan. Mike is a Texan who never dreamed that he would be successful in the world of writing. He wrote more as a pastime. He liked to put pen to paper and scribble his thoughts down or write for magazines. Then he wrote …

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Mar 11

EXCLUSIVE: Excerpts From “The Gift” by Mike Trahan

“Mike?” I asked over the weekend. “How would you feel about letting me run some extracts of your book The Gift on my site?” “Sure,” Mike replied. “Let me see what I can do…” So, here we are on a Monday afternoon and Mike Trahan has given me three great excerpts to show you… I …

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Mar 06

A Gift From God: Nick Wale Interviews Author Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan is not a man who writes fiction. Mike writes about the reality of his life. Take the boy from West Orange, Texas. Take the fully trained pilot wearing his wings. Take the man who sat back and remembered where he came from to write his life story. Everyone today it seems is writing …

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Feb 26

Life Experiences on Paper: Author Robert Nicholas Talks to Nick Wale

Robert Nicholas is a pioneer. He is always one step ahead of the world. He was one of the first on the computer scene and designed early games back when the industry was young. He has led an interesting life working for the Peace Corps in the Philippines. I was drawn to him when we …

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Dec 23

“Lisa Doolittle” goes from Stripper to Writer- An Interview with Eve Littlepage

A few days ago I was looking for an interview that really interested me. I had just finished an great interview with Tom Blubaugh and needed something special to continue with. An open call on several Facebook pages brought a huge amount of material. I found myself reading some very interesting interviews with some very interesting people– …

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Dec 10

Looking for The Rose Amongst the Thorns?

If you’re looking for the first two chapters of Lori’s and my upcoming book- The Rose Amongst the Thorns, please click here! You may also enjoy a related article entitled My Mother

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