Lester Van Huss and A Shattered Innocence

Lester Van Huss. A name you will soon enjoy on a regular basis. A writer, a creator and a man who knows that he has something to share with you all. I wanted to interview Lester and allow you all to meet him. Join us for a journey that will be remembered for a long, long time…

What makes “Their Innocence Shattered” such a special read?

“Contemplation.” A one word sentence came to mind to answer this question in hope my readers will wake up and realize what they teach, how they teach it, and to remember the effects others had on them as children.  We, as adults, frequently overlook our actions and words and the impact they have on our children.  So many times we are caught within “normal standard procedures” because life itself has developed certain standards which have devastating effects.  We are trapped in vicious cycles, passing down our own lessons in life (whether good or bad) without regard to the effects they will have on the development of humanity’s future–our children.

In Their Innocence Shattered, my goal is to make people aware of the consequences of their own actions and how these actions affect innocent children.

What makes you the perfect inspirational writer?

Life has opened up and closed many doors for me.  I have had the experience to live as well as observe many pitfalls which consume life itself.   I stand on foundations of encouragement and support.  The ability I possess is somewhat different from others due to a more spiritual (as opposed to traditional religious) belief.  There are way too many people being trapped within religious doctrines of rules and regulations.  Wisdom based on experience creates a wealth of information for us to live by; however, only if you learn from mistakes you’ve made and direct yourself toward new horizons.

What is inspirational to you?

The creation of new life in every form.  The beauty of simple changes of seasons and climate in which I live.  Hearing and seeing the encouragement, faith and support of those who are beaten down and seem to have no hope and yet do not complain.  Observance of those who pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and make another attempt without backing down from obstacles which stand in their way.

A drop of rain falls from the sky—what do you think?

Rebirth.  With the one single drop, there is still hope more will follow.   Mankind has been the destruction of nature.  She has no choice but to wash and clean the air we breathe from the pollution we expel into it.  The rampage of the Earth, which we continually bulldoze down, erecting our towers of concrete and asphalt which spread across her back shows man’s very own annihilation.  Rain brings life and gives sustaining reflections of thankfulness and one more chance to change our ways if we would only seek to do so.

How does a cloudy day make you feel?

Sombre is the only way I can explain this.  I have many feelings during the times when clouds cover my head.  There are clouds which bring devastation and then those of refreshing rain and renewal.  This could be a book in itself.  There are clouds which are heavy and cause a feeling of depression, but I always know sunshine follows behind.

What does a bar of chocolate taste like to you?

Simply the best.   I have always been one who loves chocolate.  Dark chocolate is my favourite with the sweetest bitter taste of all.  My mouth is already watering from just the thought of having one.  Will you go buy me one?  I am broke.  (he says as he laughs out loud!)

Deer – Bambi

Jazz – A cat running up and down a piano.

Pig – Slob

Memory – Reflection

Pat Benatar – Rock star

Frank – Who’s Frank?  Let just say Hot Dog

John Kerry – Elections

Dreams – Images of reality

Love – Continuation

What makes a man happy?

What makes a man happy is such a broad question to which I have not the time to write you another book.  So to summarize a little—I think the ability to make his own way, support his family (or himself if single) and to feel a part of society and needed.  There is nothing I can think of that brings me more satisfaction than to be able to stand on my own two feet and not have to depend on others to do it for me.  Respect, honor and peace of mind are critical substances which gives a man the drive to better his future.

What makes a woman happy?

This is a subject I could only guess at.  They, as well, need to be loved, needed and respected.  They want to be equal but only when it comes to individuality.   Do not forget to open doors, send them flowers and acknowledge their existence.  Love them and treasure their equal input as a partner or colleague.   They are no more and no less important as role players in humanity.   If you want to make a woman happy, treat her with as much respect as you would expect for yourself.

What is character?

Character is the main blood flow of our existence with interactions of others.  It is the makeup of who you are either from teaching or learning from your own experiences.  You have good and bad, wise and foolish.   Your personal touch and individuality is the character of your foundation.  This again would be too broad of a subject for my over-cranking thoughts.  I would end up writing another #1 best seller.  Unfortunately if I got started, I would not shut up.  Perhaps that’s a bad character trait I have? *laughing*

What makes you Lester Van Huss?

My mind and thoughts.  All the experiences I have lived, seen or heard.  The ups and downs of my emotions.   This entire ride through life’s roller coaster has made me who I am for the good as well as the bad.  I am me.

How does it feel to be alive?

Exhilarating from the time I wake up until I fight to go to sleep.  If I could survive without having to shut my eyes and rest, I would never close them except to mentally appreciate the beauty and peace of life’s moments on my journey towards the day I leave this world and move beyond.   I am extremely grateful and blessed to wake up each morning and take a coherent breath and realize that I have been allowed to see one more day come to pass and bring me new opportunities.


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  1. I am humbled and grateful for the acknowledgements of congratulations and support from all of the many family, friends and followers who have been encouraging the new direction in which my life has taken. I cannot say thank you enough. You yourselves, as our readers and fans, are what makes our efforts the success they become. In all gratitude I thank each and everyone of you who have brought me the success I have received. I leave you with two of my personal favorite quotes from “Their Innocence Shattered” in honor to all children who have struggled to move beyond the words which broke the innocence of their souls.

    “I am the child which was brought into this world and given life without a choice then required to make choices for the rest of my life.”

    “I am the singular individual who deserves equal acknowledgment and the voice which grasps for answers in the dark.”
    Lester W. Van Huss, “Their Innocence Shattered”

    May you always be blessed,

    Author Lester W. Van Huss


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