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Mar 18

The Man Who Makes Sexy… Sexy… James Gordon!

Author of REVENGE OF THE ORGASM United States   James Gordon is another man I am proud to call a friend. He calls me “Slick Nick,” but he’s really the slick one! A huge hit book, an acting career and a talent for just about everything. Enjoy your time with the “Greatest Poet Alive.”   …

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Mar 12

Envisage Speaks! A Poet Speaks from the Heart…

Envisage is a wonderful author some of you may not have heard of. I have been lucky enough to find myself profiling her for a series of three interviews. Her wonderful book of poetry My Heart Speaks has been highly recommended by all who have read it. The book deals with love, emotions, feelings, the …

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Mar 07

Her Walking Miracle: Nick Wale Uncovers Poet Andrew Boyd

When a poet like Andrew Boyd comes along, I just have to ask myself one important question: Can I get him onto ‘Novel Ideas’? I asked and Andrew said yes!  What can I tell you about the talented Mr Boyd? He has just released his first volume of poetry– it’s called WORDPLAY and is currently …

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Feb 26

Life Experiences on Paper: Author Robert Nicholas Talks to Nick Wale

Robert Nicholas is a pioneer. He is always one step ahead of the world. He was one of the first on the computer scene and designed early games back when the industry was young. He has led an interesting life working for the Peace Corps in the Philippines. I was drawn to him when we …

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