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May 31

(Reblogged) Keys Unlocks the Wale: An Interview with Nick Wale

Maybe I should tell you a little about Nick. He cut his teeth in the harsh world of “Independent Publishing,” the world where the many release their books to the few. Ask him about his first hit and he will tell you about Terry Irving. Ask him about his home life and he will tell …

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May 14

Mike Trahan Goes Wild With The Gift Part Two…

Mike Trahan announced yesterday that there may be a third book in store for his readers. The book will focus on his experiences as a Delta pilot after the Vietnam war. Mike said recently that the story would be the most fascinating of the trilogy and he can’t wait to get things written down and …

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Apr 02

Radio Ga Ga! Nick Wale Interviews Author Angela Harris

Angela Harris is the host of perhaps one of the most interesting Internet radio book shows around. I have been a guest on the show and I think that, although she would probably deny this out of modesty, her show has the best guests and some of the best co-hosts around. Two of my favourite …

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Mar 05

Just Call Him Mike: Nick Wale Meets Mike Walsh

Finding the real Mike Walsh is one of those interesting projects that comes along only once in a while. Who is Mike Walsh? A soldier? A salesman? A loving father? In addition to all those, he’s a man who wrote about his son’s near-fatal brush with SIDS, and in retirement, decided to keep on writing …

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