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Aug 23

Why It’s Not Fantasy for an Author to Aim to Move a Million

Authors are always asking me THE question, as I call it. How can I become as successful as some of the big names I see in the Western writing world? I have started to ask them a simple question in return. How many Western authors have achieved ONE MILLION PAGES read in a single month? …

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Jul 12

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I was talking to a very talented client of mine today who has a book coming out very soon. We were talking about the frustrations of preparing a book for release—and we discussed the two C’s I’ve been telling people about for a long, long time. But she added a third C to that message. …

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Mar 21

“Do You Feel Lucky?”- The Reality of Advertising Your Book

An article by bestselling author Cliff Roberts about the reality of book promotion. Cliff Roberts has moved thousands of books, won several book sales awards and recently featured on “Amazon’s best books of March list.” “We can talk when I’m ready to promote again.”  I hear this five or six times a day from authors …

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Aug 14

Bringing Hit Books Back: Novel Ideas Leads The Way!

It’s been a BONANZA month for us here at Novel Ideas with SIX number one bestselling novels in just over a month. Entries into the Amazon newsletter with several titles at the same time and the birth of several brand new bestselling authors.     What a year! Novel Ideas creates the hits… YOU just …

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Jul 09

How To Sell Books: An Interview With PR Nick Wale

  Interview undertaken by interviewer  Alex Laybourne and reblogged on several sites including www.nickwale.org Ever hear the song “Hungry Like The Wolf”? Well, this guy is hungry for the hits. It becomes a struggle when you have written a book—a good book, no less! What do you do? You can hire some PR guy or …

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Apr 13

Consulting A Consultant… FREE 15-minute session offered!

It’s always rather daunting to think about promoting a book. Most writers find promotion to be the biggest roadblock as they move toward success. Why is promotion such a problem? The main problem is where to start. Where do you start with promotion? How do you know which road to take? How can you tell …

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Mar 31

Ten Minutes With Author J.W. Northrup…

I caught busy J.W. Northrup for a few minutes to delve into his mind for this interview about his new book. It’s hard to pin a man like J.W down, but I managed to and we spent a good few minutes talking about his upcoming release The Gold Slaves. I am not really used to …

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