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“J.W… You can’t give away another book….”

“I sure can,” J.W. replied.

He did, and it’s a stomper!

For the next few days “Running a Marathon with the Runs” by J.W. Northrup is TOTALLY FREE!!!



The first signs of the diarrhea began at the six mile mark. It is feeling every marathoner dreads.

Maybe it was the excessive coffee and the bran muffins for breakfast, maybe it was just nervousness. Yet in my previous eight marathons a similar dietary preparation had created no ill effect. But now, as I approached the six mile mark, and with at least two and a half hours of running ahead of me, I had a foreboding fire brewing somewhere deep within my bowels.

“A majestic look at the running world that will have you laughing until you cry,”~ Terry Irving~ Emmy- winning journalist and author of “Courier“.



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