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Nov 20

Author Michael Haden Makes A Deal With God

Q) Hi Michael! I want to start by asking you where you live? Furthermore, what kind of area do you live in? A) I come from Odessa. My city has extremely poor all the way to extremely rich. It is very diverse, and I am comfortable in the middle. Q) I ask that because you …

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Jul 05

Lifting The Veil: Tom Ufert Meets Michael Haden

Michael Haden and Tom Ufert both know the side effects of drinking and driving. Most importantly, they both know the side effects from addiction. Now, Tom Ufert,, author, politician and advocate will explain he has struggled with addictions. His addictions to sex, drugs and drink did not hinder his career—but they did change his life. …

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Jun 22

Michael Haden: On Tour!

Michael Haden kicked off his brand new blog tour with ONE interview. The interview was, luckily for Novel Ideas, with Nick Wale. What will Michael have to say about his phenomenal success? The businessman from Tampa, Florida who wrote a bestselling book tells all… Q) Michael, let me ask you to begin with, why did …

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Jun 17

Haden To Blog Tour?

During a recent webinar, I let slip that I would be working with Michael Haden in the near future. Today, I woke up to a bunch of reader emails asking in what capacity. Now, I think it’s about time I let you all in on the secret… The secret is… Michael will be touring blogs …

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Jun 07

A Deal With Michael Haden…

The book is called A Deal With God. The writer is called Michael Haden. Michael Haden is a successful Tampa businessman and volunteer girls Division 1 competitive soccer coach. His inspiration for this book came from the girls he’s coached. He currently coaches for FC Tampa and has coached some of the most amazing and …

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Jun 04

A Press Release from Bestseller Michael Haden

  Michael Haden Contact: Nick Wale  Email: Nick@nickwale.org                                                                                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       BESTSELLING WRITER TO GIVE AWAY FREE SAMPLE OF HIS FIRST BESTSELLER     Bestselling writer Michael Haden is to kick off the summer with a sample release of his first bestseller “A Deal with God.” Michael wrote the book as a …

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May 26

Say NO To Drink Driving… Take Away The Keys….

I wanted to interview Michael Haden about his work with MADD. I think it’s important for people to realise the danger of drink driving. I, myself, have always been a great believer in taking away the keys before the damage is done. Michael explains in this interview how one of his most hopeful students was …

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May 05

Rave Reviews for Haden!

Michael Haden could well be the most underground writer in the world. He has sold many thousands of copies of his first book… THOUSANDS of copies… Yet, it’s still amazing to hear that he isn’t touted as one of the bestsellers of the year. His television performances have been well received- but he isn’t a …

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Apr 08

A Deal With God: Why You Should Never Drink Drive…

Michael Haden is a writer with a message. He wants to spread the word about drink driving. I think his intentions are honourable, and when he approached me for this interview, I knew that it could well be one of the most thought provoking things I have ever written. Michael has taken the life of …

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