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What Makes J.W. Run?

J.W. Northrup has been away from us lately. He has been writing a second book, a huge project for a writer already busy with numerous undertakings. I want to ask you, what makes such a busy writer ask for more and more responsibility? J.W. has already toured all over the Internet. He has sold numerous …

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Dr I Ratburn Contact: Nick Wale Email: Nick@nickwale.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOCTOR IVAN RATBURN IS SET TO PUBLISH HIS WORLD-CHANGING BRAINOGRAPHY MANUAL It was announced yesterday that Dr Ivan Ratburn will be releasing his much anticipated, tongue-in-cheek manual regarding the state of modern mental health. The manual will focus on over prescribed medications and the …

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Brainwashing? J.W. Northrup And Terry Irving Showdown

  J.W. Northrup and Terry Irving are writers. They feed on the food of writers. The words they can create, compound and put together take them to new places. I wanted to interview these two writers about J.W’s bestselling book “The Gold Slaves”. The Gold Slaves are enslaved humans who have been trapped underground with …

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