What Makes J.W. Run?

J.W. Northrup has been away from us lately. He has been writing a second book, a huge project for a writer already busy with numerous undertakings. I want to ask you, what makes such a busy writer ask for more and more responsibility?

J.W. has already toured all over the Internet. He has sold numerous copies of his book “The Gold Slaves“. He has appeared on webinars, virtual meetings and has published a successful series of short stories. He has been interviewed by the best.

But this new book he is writing is something special. It’s a book that will be on the lips of the masses. I can’t tell you anything about it yet. But it’s going to be one helluva read. What makes J.W. run?  Success makes J.W. run like hell towards the finishing line.

Q) J.W., how do you feel about the success of “The Gold Slaves” so far?

A) It’s been one hell of a journey, and I just can’t stop feeling excited about what comes next. The whole concept of this next book is going to have everyone scratching their heads wondering if they are still dreaming.

Q) You keep mentioning thatnew book. Can you tell me anything about it?

A) Nothing except this– it’s going to be about every single person living on this earth. It concerns everyone.

Q) How can it be about everyone?

A) You will see!

Q) Well, let me ask you about the reviews you are getting for “The Gold Slaves.” How does it finally feel to be understood as a writer?

A) I was worrying for some time– people didn’t seem to understand the book. I did an interview where the interviewer had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. She confused my book with another she had been reading.

Q) That must be so disheartening for a writer to go through that kind of misunderstanding?

A) It’s part of life– not everyone can get what you are trying to get at. It’s hard to make them understand, but eventually people do start understanding bits of this and that. Soon, the idea is a widespread theory, and it’s on everyone’s lips.

Q) Do you think “The Gold Slaves” is at that stage?

A) I think it is getting there. On a base level, it is about gold miners who have been trapped underground and brainwashed over several generations to become their own society– mining gold to present to the Gods. On a much deeper level, it is about the society we live in and how we have become brainwashed to do as we are told. We pay our bills, we follow the rules, and if we don’t, like two gold slaves didn’t, we become outsiders.

Q) Would you call yourself an intellectual, J.W?

A) No, I would call myself someone who has the window open and can see what is going on. We live in very interesting times.

Q) How has writing this book changed your life?

A) I got to write a second and that meant everything to me. I think you will agree when you get a chance to read it.

Q) Thank you for your time, J.W.

J.W. then left the interview to return to his new manuscript. He is a man who knows where he is heading. He knows what the end game is. Hopefully, we will take every step with him.

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