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Sep 14

Why Being Positive Could Be The Biggest Book Promotional Breakthrough Money Could Never Buy

As humans we find ourselves being negative more often than being positive. As a writer, it’s easier to be negative about the reception your books have garnered than to find the good. In my everyday job as a promoter of books, I have found that, at times, you are working against a wall of negativity—a …

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Jul 20

Hitting The Mark: What Might Be Holding You Back From Being A Bestseller

One of the great book success stories of the year has to be that of A.H. Holt, who went from selling a handful of books per month to becoming one of the bestselling Western authors of the year—so far. Her book, “Ten In Texas,” caught the imagination of Western fans, but her journey was not …

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Jul 12

No Book Sales? Have You Discovered The Three C’s?

I was talking to a very talented client of mine today who has a book coming out very soon. We were talking about the frustrations of preparing a book for release—and we discussed the two C’s I’ve been telling people about for a long, long time. But she added a third C to that message. …

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Mar 21

“Do You Feel Lucky?”- The Reality of Advertising Your Book

An article by bestselling author Cliff Roberts about the reality of book promotion. Cliff Roberts has moved thousands of books, won several book sales awards and recently featured on “Amazon’s best books of March list.” “We can talk when I’m ready to promote again.”  I hear this five or six times a day from authors …

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Nov 30

Novel Ideas is The Home of the Hits

Novel Ideas is proud to announce that we have had a week of bonanza sales… Author promotion is starting to catch fire and people are starting to realize the power of indie books!    

Nov 18

Denise Barry Rewrites the Tooth Fairy for Kids

What does the Tooth Fairy do with our teeth? What a good question and one clever kids have been asking for ages! Until now, there has never been an answer that comes close to revealing just how playful, creative and clumsy the Tooth Fairy can be! Oh, and let’s not forget naughty. Yes, the Tooth …

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Oct 12

Young, Brash and Cocky: Nick Wale Interviewed By Simon Duringer

(Reblogged from Simon Duringers website.) For those who don’t recognise the name, you should…. Novel Reads by Novel Ideas is the Bestselling E-Zine run by Britain’s very own PR and Promotions expert to the Indie world of publishing; The Very Expert Nick Wale. With a handsome list of clientele extending across the seven seas, Nick …

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Sep 25

Some Novel News…

Dear Friends, I hope you have had a wonderful month. I just wanted to write and tell you why I have been absent from this site for a week or so… Things have been crazy over here at Novel Ideas, and I will be replying to all your emails and letters over the next few …

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Jul 09

How To Sell Books: An Interview With PR Nick Wale

  Interview undertaken by interviewer  Alex Laybourne and reblogged on several sites including www.nickwale.org Ever hear the song “Hungry Like The Wolf”? Well, this guy is hungry for the hits. It becomes a struggle when you have written a book—a good book, no less! What do you do? You can hire some PR guy or …

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